10 Best Apps For iPhone Devices 2019 Edition


Here is the List of Best Apps For iPhone Devices in 2019, Some Apps got viral in Months and change the revolution of iPhone devices, and I made this list by gathering the ratings, reviews, and surveys. If you have an iPhone Device then these 10 apps are the apps that you must have now on your iPhone devices for the year 2019.

10 Best Apps For iPhone Devices In 2019

best apps for iPhone

We have shared the updates apps which yours just love to use and download in their. Lets not waste time and dive in to the topic quickly.

1) Facebook For iPhone

The biggest social networking site Facebook is the number app for iPhone devices in 2018. The latest features of Facebook enable you to join your communities, Groups and chat with friends etc. You can easily access your contacts sync them for better optimization too. Over Millions of users use Facebook on their iPhone devices.
It’s simply let you do whatever you want and gives you the full access like you use in the desktop version into your iPhone devices.

2) Lingua.ly

Lingua.ly is an app that teaches you a foreign language without any difficulty for free. Lingua.ly shows you different countries articles on different Topics in their native languages which you have to read must. What makes this app different from others is the way they teach us if you don’t know the meaning of particular word or sentence simply type on it to see its meaning. These words will automatically save in the history for later use. Lingua.ly teaches you almost all big six languages currently English, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French. Lingua.ly takes a unique and different way in which you can easily handle the languages that you don’t understand easily. 

3) Any.do

Any.do is a multitasking, list making an app in which you will manage your all daily tasks and assignments. This app will help you to list your daily works Instantly as well as Geo-location reminders, which work surprisingly well. Achieve your daily, weekly goals and keep on track with the help of Any.do.

4) RunKeeper

Impressive app and one of my favorite apps for the year 2018. RunKeeper provides you the full compatibility to track your jogging, cycling routes with the help of GPS. It will show you the full chart of calories that you burned while jogging and exercising. Runkeeper makes you more perfect and fit. After tracking you whole Activities Runkeeper gives you the feature to share that stuff online with others and get Advice’s to get more out of your workout daily. Now Run miles daily and track instantly. A must use iPhone app for the year 2018. 

5) Find My iPhone

The best app to find your iPhones, Macs, iPads and Connected iPods. Find my iPhone helps you to locate and track the missing devices that you misplace anywhere.

The biggest problem occurs when you misplace your gadgets. Some people leave them on office tables and some people misplace them in case of robbery. What Find my iPhone Does for you is to track your devices when you misplace them and instantly lock them, wipe all the data on the go or send a message to the screen whoever found it to call back you

And contact via anything. So thousands of people are using this app to secure their iPhone devices to avoid any trouble. I will recommend you this app personally.

6) Photo Sphere Camera

Photo Sphere Camera lets you take 360º Photos easily with your iPhone devices. Google’s Spherical Camera app jumps from Android platform to iOS. It gives you the same features like other spherical camera apps. The only difference is the user interface that Google add to it and done a great job. It is now perfectly attached to iPhones now and thousands of users upload their 360 angle photos and then publish them on Google Maps.

7) Cloze

Feel difficult to find what your friend post twice a day on Facebook? What he tweets three times on Twitter and what he shares on LinkedIn? In others words, if my colleague posts on Facebook twice, shares an article on LinkedIn three times all in a single day, I can see the whole stuff only in one place called Cloze. This tool will help to get the whole stuff that you community shares throughout the day in one shot in Cloze. Now easily communicate with your colleagues and friends in one place Cloze Install this app and save your important time.

8) WhatsApp Messenger For iPhone

Over Millions of Active Users, Worldwide WhatsApp Messenger is the most used Messenger in the world. After the great success of Android and Windows Platform’s Now WhatsApp Start their First Success steps in the iOS Platform too. WhatsApp Messenger enables you to Send Free Images, Files, Audio’s and Video messages for free instantly.

Just switch from text Messages to WhatsApp then send and receive messages, pictures, etc. for free. Instantly chat with your buddy’s make groups add friends to your groups and start discussing your plans for free. Make the best photo of you as your profile pictures on WhatsApp Add your live status instantly that what you are doing now for example like! I am in the meeting; I am in Classroom, Sleeping Now etc. Just you need is a Wi-Fi connection, 3G or a mobile data plan to access WhatsApp.

9) Dropbox iPhone Edition

DropBox is a service that lets you store your data in the cloud and access them from anywhere in the world with a Good internet Signal. It has a clear simple interface that lets you upload your files with a single click and shift your all accounts with the help of syncing. If you have some files on your desktop computer, laptop or any other gadgets Dropbox enable then you can transfer or access those files with syncing. Dropbox is a trusted service so your data will always secure in the cloud with any worry of stealing.

10) Facebook Messenger For iPhone

Messenger for Facebook is a reliable best iPhone app to connect with your friends without opening Facebook, it gives you the options to share your location while chatting, send photos privately, send stickers instantly, make free calls to your friends even they are outside of your country, also give you the access to turn off Notifications when you’re sleepy or at office, know when someone has seen your message etc. You can get off these Conservation’s without the opening of Facebook and stay Log in 24 hours a day without any problem. This app is more than a messenger with advanced features. You can turn off your location too if you don’t want anyone to see

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Some More Best Apps For iPhone Devices.

14.Google Maps
17.SwiftKey Note
19.The Weather Channel

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