20 Facts About Apple Inc We Bet You Never Knew


Today we have 20 Facts About Apple Inc We Bet You Never Knew. Apple is one of the most famous and exclusive tech company in the world and it has maintained it’s exclusivity, be it the third part inclusions, products launched or the software applications installed.

20 Facts About Apple Inc We Bet You Never Knew

20 Facts About Apple Inc We Bet You Never Knew

1) Apple has more operating cash than the US Treasury.

2) Apple is infamously secretive. It creates a fake project for employees to work on, so that they know who is responsible for leaked news.

3) Apple co founder Ronaly Wayne sold off his shares for just $800 which have now been valued to be $35 billion.

4) Apple earns $30,000 per minute which is worth more than the Russian stock market.

5) Apple has just 80,000 employees around the world.

6) The creator of iPod firstly offered it to philips and real networks, which they denied it.

7) Battery of MacBook is bulletproof.

8) In 1996, Apple was also forayed into the clothing line but failed to make its mark.

9) Apple made a game console named PIPPIN, which was a failure.

10) The rare Apple-1 computer built by Steve Jobs was auctioned for $905,000.

11) Apple didn’t actually own the “iPhone” Trademark but CISCO did.

12) Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple Server, Analysed and stored.

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13) 2700 Apple Lisa computers are buried in a landfill in UTAH.

14) Apple iPad retina displays are actually manufactured by Samsung.

15) Samsung company produces 30{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} of A8 chip used in Apple Devices.

16) Apple headquarters employees earns about $120,000 per annum.

17) In every Product advertisement, the iPhone display shows 9:41 AM, as the time ( The time at which Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007.

18) In 2012, Apple sold 340,000 phones per day.

19) Smoking near the Apple Computer voids the product warranty.

20) Apple iPhone has higher sales than Microsoft has in total across any device.

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  1. Jobs was no philanthropist. In fact, in Apple’s early days, he cut the company’s philanthropic programs, saying they would return when the company was more profitable. Despite Apple’s enormous success, the charitable programs were never reinstated.

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