7 features Android stole from iPhone


The battle between Android vs Apple is going since ages. Our present article on, 7 features Android stole from iPhone is an addition to it. In this comprehensive article, we will describe you about those features which were not in Android earlier. But then they took a reference from Apple and copied those features in Android phones.

Are you interested in knowing about them? Then go through our compilation.

7 features Android stole from iPhone – Which are they?

Here are the top features Android stole from iPhone. Know about them in the below given points.

1. Android Pay

Google Pay was a copy of Apple Pay, but it failed miserably. Android Pay is a new introduction in the market with the latest features and techniques for pleasing the users.

2. Touch Authentification

Now, the touch authentification is a wonderful feature. It assures the full safety of the appliance. This feature was nowhere in Android phones. Now for assuring the safety of the Android Pay, the touch ID feature has become an essential part of the Android Phone.

3. Enabling Repeat Calls during Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb feature is necessary for getting a good night’s sleep. But sometimes you might miss an important call. iPhone has this feature of allowing repeat calls which Android later copied from them.

4. Text Editing

Earlier in the Android Phones when you’d select any text. The toolbar to edit those texts used to appear on the top of the screen. Now copying iPhone, that toolbar now appears just above the selected text.

5. Control over Applications

Earlier the user used to accept or deny the permissions about the applications only at the time of installation. After Apple started giving any time permission, Android introduced the same feature in their mobile phones.

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6. Voice Search

The Google Voice Search option was prior introduced in the iPhone. Later on, Android copied it and introduced in their mobile phone.

7. Disable Background Running of Applications

Disabling the background applications was never a feature in Android. In order to save the battery life of the appliance, Apple introduced this feature in their devices. And from this is where Android got an idea to do the same.

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