7 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding from Users


Are you an iPhone lover? Being an iPhone user, you must be knowing all the tricks included in it. But let me ask you once again, are you sure you know all the tricks included in iPhone? If your answer is yes, then think again. The article is about  7 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding from Users. Though there are many such tricks, we will discuss 7.

About iPhone Tricks:

Today I will be disclosing 7 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding from Users. According to sources, soon iPhone 8 will launch and iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting to explore it. Apple is a very well-known company for developing user-friendly gadgets which will do all those work which a normal person wants it to be. But, there are some tricks and functionalities which are not disclosed by the company to their customers.

Whenever there is an update in iOS, we get to see some new features and functionalities on our phone. iPhone is used by billions of people and with each product iPhone users expect some new things which were not there in previous models.

Recently iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was launched which was available in two amazing colors Black and Jet Black and now iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus is in the line and almost ready to launch.

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 7 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding from Users:

  1. You can now set the sleep timer for music: Many times, we fall asleep while listening to music and the music is continuously running in the background. So, we now have an alternative for this. Clock application will be helpful.
  2. The pattern for Vibration: You can create your own vibration pattern if you want to keep it for the specific contact number. It is similar to the way we keep different ringtones for different people. If you want to do this, just follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Soundsà
  • Ringtonesà
  • Vibrationà Create New Vibration.
  1. Get a flash alert: We sometimes miss a call because we are not able to hear our phone ringtone because of the noise around us. But we can do this if we set a Flash Alert on a phone.If any call will come, the back camera will start flashing through which you will never miss a call.
  2. Correct your mistake-filled typing by shaking your iPhone: While sending a message if you make any mistake in typing you can correct it just by shaking your iPhone. Try it!
  3. Read only Unread emails: Email inbox is filled with a lot of emails which includes both read and unread emails. You can only read those emails which you have not read by clicking on “Edit” button in Mailboxes link.
  4. Save your battery by using Night Shift: With the help of Siri, you can enable the Night Shift mode. Just go to Settingsà BatteryàOpen Siri and tell it to enable the Night Shift Mode On.
  5. Reset your iPhone: It is necessary to keep resetting the phone for removing applications which may harm your iPhone. Keep holding the home and lock button and after 5 seconds you can reset it.

Try these 7 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding from You and keep exploring more.Enjoy!

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