7 reasons why Android users are losing interest in iPhone


In the world of technology there has always been a tough competition between iPhone users and android users. Android has made the consumption of smart phones more flexible and easily accessible. The debate between which one is better still goes on. There is no doubt that iPhone has offered a class in the world of smart phones but on the other hand android has fulfilled the desires a person expects from a smart phone.

7 reasons why Android users are losing interest in iPhone

Here a few reasons why switching from an iPhone to Android is a good idea:

1) There are number of well established brands that provide an Android user the satisfaction they always expected. Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and many other brands still climbing up the ladder has provided the consumer with a smart phone that not only is reasonable but also has everything you need. Wide range of applications available on play store plus the fact that android supports almost all the applications which you might need to buy if you’re using an iPhone is another perk of using an android.

2) Another salient feature of android phones is that it provides a classy chic look, number of smart phones to choose from. You can get a phone with a huge screen, a stylus which comes with the set, dual sim card, extended storage capacity etc. iPhone has a limited storage capacity and on the other hand it costs much less when buying an android phone with similar features. Every year the company launches another set that is better than the previous one which gives the consumer the chance to have a new experience ahead.

3) When buying a smart phone everyone thinks of using it for at least 2 years, the resale value of an iPhone is way less than of the android smart phones. While buying a smart phone it must be kept into consideration of the market value it will have after few months or a couple years later. Because we all need to switch to new technologies and must try the new trends in smart phone’s world so it wouldn’t be a bad decision to go for the one which profits you on switching.

4) Android has attracted customers not only through smart phones but also android tablets seem to be high in demand. All the apple products have the same outlook, same graphics and features, little bit of changes are made every year which has leaded the market down. Android market has gone up in past years as it has the widest variety of devices on any platform, whether a smart phone or a tablet.

5) Apple phones come with default apps which cannot be removed and they eat up a lot of space. While in android phones the memory can be extended, also the internal memory of android smart phones are now coming up to be 32 GB by default. A SD card can be attached to the phone which eases the usage of phones. This is another reason why iPhone users are switching to android.

6) Android gives customisation that blows away an Iphone. An Iphone comes with default look, icons on the screen which cannot be removed, while android gives the user the chance to customise their phone as however they wish to. Any launcher can be installed on the phone and it changes the overall look of the phone.

7) Smart phones also provide with multitasking on android. One can operate on two different applications at the same time. Multitasking makes it possible to chat and use another application on the same time. Android applications can also be installed from anywhere but on an Iphone applications can only be installed through app store and also some of them aren’t free of cost.

So here are some of the reasons why apple products being the highest selling market in the world since 1976 is losing its customers to android.

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