7 Reasons Why iPhone 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S8


Everyone knows about The War of iPhone vs Samsung. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in the market, the speed of rumors about iPhone 8 is also spreading at a quicker pace. But as we all know, iPhone is more superior than Samsung Galaxy S8. The present article on 7 Reasons Why iPhone 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S8, in which we will compare the features of both the mobile phones.

7 Reasons Why iPhone 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S8

iphone vs samsung which is better

1. Camera

The Camera of iPhone 7 is superior to that of Samsung Galaxy 8. So, it is but obvious to be clear that the Camera of iPhones are better than Samsung.

2. Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best technology in the existing Android Phones. But, the technical issue is that it is located in the rear part of the phone. So the user will be smudged with the Camera Lens while using it. Thus the Fingerprint Sensor of iPhone is better than Samsung.

3. Augmented Reality

Samsung focuses on Virtual Reality headset whereas Apple focuses on Augmented Reality. Pokemon Go has clearly shown that what does users really wish for. AR allows you to Real World applications.

4. iOs 11

Now iOS 11 is the recent introduction of iPhone. While the Samsung Galaxy 8 users will use the same version of Android. Thus the upgrading to a newer iPhone is better than a Samsung device.

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5. Wireless Charging

Now, this feature of iPhone is that which Samsung can’t even think of to offer. The Wireless Charging of Apple will provide you the access to using your phone even while charging. And this Wireless Charging feature clearly proves that iPhone 8 is better than Samsung Galaxy S8.

6. Bundle Earpods

iPhone 8 comes with Bundle Earpods. The sound quality offered by these earphones is far better than Samsung earphones. This clearly indicates and gives you a clear overview that iPhone 8 is by far superior to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

7. Larger Battery Life

Although Samsung has improved battery life of Galaxy 8, it is nothing before 12 Hours Battery Life of iPhone 8. Even for battery life, iPhone beats Samsung phone easily.

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  1. I think the Note 8 is a excellent smartphone and one of the best Android devices on the market. Completely agree with the post and thanks for posting. Do you have a social media I can follow?

  2. Your claims are il-legit. This is mostly because you give no accurate study or any detail of why the iPhone 8 is better than the Galaxy S8. I have both phones, and I can tell you right now as a fan of both Apple products and Samsung products, the Galaxy S8 is basically tied with the iPhone 8. iPhone does indeed have SOME better features, but the Galaxy S8 also has some better features. Some of the points you give are pretty bull. You claim that wireless charging is better on iPhone, let me just remind you that android had wireless charging for years before iPhone, and that means that it has had more time to improve, it improved well beyond iPhone has. Please get your facts straight.

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