7 reasons why you will love the iOS 11 update on your iPhone


In 2017 at Worldwide Developer Conference(WWDC) Apple the tech giant announced iOS 11 update to all the users. It is one of the biggest updates that iOS has ever got since last few years.

Developers can download the preview version of iOS 11 from developer.apple.com. There will be a public Beta version available for iPhone users by the end of Jun’17 at beta.apple.com.

This article contains a roundup of 7 reasons why you will love the iOS 11 Update on your iPhone

Redesigned Control Center

This is one of the major feature from the iOS 11 updates, you now get a whole new design for the Control Center a bunch of customization and now Control Center is not just limited to half screen it’s being expanded to use the full screen. Pretty cool.

Source: MacRumors.com

Better Support for Siri in iOS 11 update

iPhone users love Siri. The iOS 11 update wants you to love it more. The new Siri will now offer multiple results and language translation in real-time with a bunch of different male and female voices which will understand you and your needs better.

New File Manager App

7 reasons to update to iOS 11

Source: MacRumors.com

Apple cloud app is removed and it’s being expanded to the all new “Files” app. You can now view all the data stored in your local Apple device. It’s just like the Finder in Mac where you can search, tag, and add favorites. Apple doesn’t hide our data precious data from us now. xD

Do not Disturb while Driving

This is an amazing improvement over time. iPhone now senses while you are driving and restricts all your phone calls, messages and other alerts which help you focus on your driving. The person trying to contact will be notified with a message that you are driving. “Apple” cares for your health. 😀

Apple Pay in iOS 11 update

iOS 11 comes with one other awesome feature. You can now transfer money with your friends with this new app called “Apple Pay”. You can open the Apple Pay from the Messages app and can transfer money to your loved ones.

If there is a discussion of Money in the Messages app Siri will suggest using Apple Pay. You can do this by opening the app from Messages app and send money from your debit of credit card via the Apple Wallet.

7 reasons to update to iOS 117 reasons to update to iOS 11

Source: MacRumors.com

Lock Screen in iOS 11 update

Apple customizes your lock screen for better user experience. The lock screen and the notification center in merged into one. When you pull down you Notification Center Window to check your notification it’s the Lock Screen that comes down now instead of the separate Notification Center Window.

In previous versions of iOS, you were able to just view your missed notification on your Lock Screen and for recent notifications, you need to access the Notification Center. But now in iOS, you can see all your missed and recent notifications all at one place on the Lock Screen. Apple is trying to get users friendly. 😛

QuickType Keyboard

Tired of using the phone with 2 hands? This feature is specially made for you. Now holding a cup of tea and you iPhone in other hand is easier with the all new QuickType Keyboard.

Just tap the Emoji icon on your Keyboard, select one-handed typing and you’re are good to go. Your keyword will now move closer to your thumb so that you can use it easily and conveniently.

7 reasons to update to iOS 117 reasons to update to iOS 11

Source: Apple.com


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Wrap Up

These are the major updates in the new iOS 11 there are still other very small tweaks which I might cover in some other article.

Let me know in the comment’s section how excited are you to use the new iOS 11. I am pretty much excited and I hope you are too. 🙂

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