An open letter to people explaining why iPhone is the best phone ever


I believe iPhone is the best phone ever and have seen a lot of phones until now and I am quite impressed how technology is evolving and helping us out in our daily life. There are many phones from several companies which are launched in the market. In all this competition iPhones have made an evergreen market presence since last 10 years.

Today I will prove why iPhones are the best phones in the market with 9 different things which people love the most on an iPhone and that is what makes iPhone different from any other phone on the planet.

An open letter explaining why iPhone is the best phone ever.

I highly recommend reading the full article to get all the insights about the in and out of iPhone.

Easy to use User Interface

iPhones are well-known for their simplicity and light User Interface having that said the iPhones are very user-friendly for the one who is holding the mobile phone for the first time.

The applications are very well formatted, as the UI is lighter the phone works super fast with optimizing the battery at the same time which is fantastic.

Comparing it with an Android device, the user experience on the Android phones is a bit complex which gives iPhone an edge.

iPhone is the best phone ever for having Classy Design

Why you love iPhone? Of course for its classy design which is unique and eye catchy as well. Holding an iPhone in hand gives a premium look with a decent and simple design which Apple is maintaining since years.

The build quality with an aluminum body, an iPhone logo, and the iPhone branding just make it a perfect phone. It’s a beast packed in the 5.5-inch device.

Camera Performance is the reason why iPhone is the best phone ever

If you own an iPhone, you don’t need a dedicated camera to capture memories anymore. Your iPhone will do it for you. The iPhone has the power to capture beautiful images just like a DSLR camera and you will be amazed by the results.

There are tons of features loaded in the camera app like the portrait mode, the panorama mode. There is a live photo feature which will make you gobsmacked.

Also, the new iPhone 7 Plus comes with a dual camera setup with 10x optical zoom which will give you crystal clear images. The iPhone can record up to 1080p full HD video. iPhone gives 12-megapixel rear camera which can easily beat a 20-megapixel Android camera. Now you might have got the idea how amazing the camera is.

iPhone is the best phone ever as it has Accurate and Fastest Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint sensor is now a compulsory feature in every smartphone. If your phone does not have an inbuilt scanner, believe me, you own a phone which is outdated. There are many Android phones which have very responsive Fingerprint scanner but they are not fast as the TouchID which Apple has.

Apple bought a company called Authentec at $356 million. Authentic makes the best fingerprint sensors for mobile devices. This is the reason why Apple provides us with such an accurate and fast fingerprint sensor. There is no one who can beat Apple TouchID since then. They are the best and will be the best. The round steel ring surrounding the button detects your finger and tells TouchID to start reading it.

iPhone gets the best apps first

This is a matter of fact all the apps are first built on iOS platform and after getting a decent amount of response they are made for Android devices.

I remember when “Clash of Clans” came into the market and few of my friends were playing it on their iPhone I found the game fantastic, I opened Play Store searched for the game but was not able to find out. I googled it whether or not the game is available for Android and I ended up getting a link which showed the game is only available for iOS as of now which saddened me as I was an Android user. “Clash of Clans” launched for Android after 1 year.

Source: V1 Technologies

But don’t worry if you are an iOS user you will never face such difficulties ever in your life. You would be the first to experience any new application launching in the market. You can find same popular apps on Android but they won’t be similar to what an iPhone has in terms of features.

iPhone is the best phone ever as it has Up-to-date Software

Yes, Apple does care about their users a lot. All the Android users must be knowing that they won’t be getting more than 2 updates for their device. However, this is not the case with an iPhone even if you are an iPhone 5s user you will be getting the latest iOS update which is hard to believe as this September iPhone 8 is coming. How can Apple give updates to a 5s user this is the question which comes to our mind. But as I told you they care about their customers a lot and try giving the best experience to the individual.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

Google releases latest Android updates once every year. But not all Android devices get the latest updates the one with the latest devices gets the latest Android updates, that’s not the case with iOS they release several updates every year which are available to all their users.

Great Customer Support

Do you know any company, which replaces your phone and give you a brand new phone when you face any issues with your device?

No, you might not know this. But if you are an Apple user and facing issues with your phone. The Customer Support will give you a brand new phone with some nominal charge to pay. Isn’t that amazing? I mean there is no other companies which have strong Customer Support as Apple.

Apple Pay

The Apple Pay is a feature which the company added in the recent updates of the iOS. It is accepted by many retail stores and they cover almost all the major credit card companies and banks.

Source: Apple

As the name suggests you can now do all your payment via Apple Pay there is an integrated payment gateway which will help you transfer money into your friend’s account and vice versa. Gone are the days of carrying all the hard cash with you. With Apple Pay, you can now pay anytime anywhere. Amazing technology, isn’t it?

Do Not Disturb Feature

Name any Android device having the DND feature. You won’t find any as there is no phone in the Android market to have this feature yet. Only Apple managed to get this feature in the iOS 11. There are devices which have this feature but not as similar to the iPhone.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature lets you concentrate on your Driving. This way there are no chances of you getting distracted with the phone calls and messages. Also, the person trying to contact you will get a notification via text message. “Whom you are trying to contact is currently driving”. Android still doesn’t have any such feature.

Wrap Up

These are some facts on the iPhone which makes it the best phone on the planet. After reading this I am pretty much sure you would be more inclined towards buying an iPhone.

I hope you liked the article we will be coming up with such amazing articles daily. Let me know in the comments section whether or not you will buy an iPhone after reading this.

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