Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X event live updates


Today iPhone 8 is going to launch and it is in the news that iPhone X is also going to be launched at the Event. We have exclusive Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X event live updates.What do you think Apple is going to announce today? Are you excited about the event?

There were a lot of leaks like every year and this time also, Thanks to social media, People were able to get the sneak peek of the new products which were going to be launched this September. The leaks confirmed details such as screen technology, New camera and also new Apple Watch and yes how can we forget the wireless headphones.

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X event live updates

This is the first event that is happening at the Steve Jobs theatre on Apple’s new 175-acre campus.Apple is expected to launch three phones on September 12. Apple had announced an augmented reality platform which lets developers create interactive apps for iPhone users.

Latest news from the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X event live updates

1) Cook said Apple Watch has seen about 50{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} growth as compared to last year.

2) Apple received 500 million foot traffic to its store each year and also Chicago’s Apple Store will open next month on Michigan

3) Tim Cook also pays tribute to Steve Jobs at the event and also pledges Apple’s support for hurricane victims.

4) Apple CEO Tim Cook said it is an honor to be present and welcome everyone to the Steve Jobs Theater.

5) Apple announced a new Apple Watch that doesn’t need an iPhone to work

6) Apple Watch 3 is integrated more with Siri using watchOS 4

7) Apple watch will let users send messages and receive phone calls even when an iPhone is not connected to the watch.

8) Apple Watch will have Wi-Fi are 50 percent more efficient, so now you don’t need to worry about the battery life. Chill, Relax and keep surfing the internet.

9) Apple Watch to have a new gray ceramic option which will also have a brand new band from nike and adidas.

10) Tim Cook said that Apple Watch is now the No. 1 watch in the world.

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