Apple Releases 3 New Ads And Targets Android Users To Switch To iPhone


Earlier this month Apple had shared the launch of new iPhone video advertisment which was targeting Android users, Apple has today launched “Life is easier on iPhone” campaign. In the previous campaign, Apple highlighted some features of iPhone such as Photos, Music and Privacy. In the latest Ads which Apple has shared it is focusing on Performance, Security and Contacts.

Earlier this month Apple had released this video campaign, Along with the campaign it also revamped its site where Apple provides all the latest information and updates about Apple and helps in convincing the Android users switch to iPhone.

Similar to the switch website, The new Ads released today has a tagline, “Life’s easier when you switch to iPhone.” Since the beginning Apple is focused on Android users switching to iPhone, During several recent earnings, CEO Tim Cook and other execs had made a point to check how many Android users are actually switching to iPhone.

Checkout all the three latest videos of Switch to Apple campaign below.

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