The Best iOS Games Currently Available In 2018


Are you searching for Best iOS Games, Well we all know that Games in cell phones are the best way to pass free time. While some maybe violent in nature, others might just give a good warm-up to your brain. Here is a list of some games for the iOS devices from which you can definitely choose to install:

The Best iOS Games Currently Available In 2018

1. Hearthstone:


Heroes of Warcraft It is a card game whereby you have a pretty good chance of getting addicted. You will have epic duels and you can also get the allies and minions on your side for the game. The earned gold can be spent on booster packs.

2. Battle of Polytopia:

Battle of Polytopia

It is a game where you need to develop your need to develop your own civilization according to the maps given to you. Alongside you have to deal with the neighboring tribes. There is quick-asynchronous online multiplayer addition.

3. Zynga Pok*r


This is a game where you can play pok*r with any player around the world. It has games of all levels like competitive tournament variants such as Shoot-outs and Sit-n-go.

4. Alto’s Odyssey:

Alto’s Odyssey

You cannot deny the game even for a minute if it is a follower of the Alto’s Adventures. In the game you will find Alto and his pals travelling through different landscapes and completing challenges. You need to pull off tricks that will avoid the hurdles and collect the coins.

5. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead- A New Frontier

The name itself attracts many users. There is brilliant application of graphics and sounds which totally sets you in the mood. It basically hovers around character interaction and decision making in order to survive in the game

6. HQ:

Nowadays such games are very much in trend where you get to win cash rewards. It is a great platform if you are looking forward to put your knowledge into some profitable use. Daily live contests bring you twelve multiple choice questions which if you answer correctly bring in cash rewards for you. It is an amazing combination of rapid fire rounds, live hosted games, and money payouts which make the game a favorite among users.

7. Psych:

It is a game of tricking your fellow contenders. The game makes you think of crazy plausible answers to the questions that it asks. If your fake answers are picked up by the fellow players (thinking that it might be correct) you get to win points. You can in turn also win points if you pick out the right answers out of the fake ones. Though confusing, it is a good time pass.

8. Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt Xtreme

The Asphalt series are best known for their racing games. It is a treat for all the race lovers out there. It’s a game off road, whereby it takes you to a different landscape consisting of canyons and dunes. You get to have a variety of gaming vehicles like the all time popular monster trucks, dune buggies etc. There are five racing modes available with an impressive number of career events and challenges. You can play this in multiplayer mode, so that you can take part in live races with up to eight people at a time

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