Download Rufus for Mac: Top 8 Free Alternatives


There are many people who are switching from Windows to Mac this time of the year. However, Windows and Mac are not really the same. There are quite a few differences and thus it takes time to be comfortable with mac once you switch. We at iPhoneoholic are here to make your switch from Windows to macOS a little easier. A few days back, we published a guide about alternatives of Notepad for Mac. This time, we will help you to Download Rufus for Mac.

What is Rufus?

If you have used a Windows laptop or desktop previously then there is a high chance that you have either used or heard about Rufus. Rufus is a utility that helps format and creates bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, etc. Basically, it is a very useful application and can help you to install operating systems on your machine.

When you want to install an operating system on your computer using a pen drive, you have to first make it bootable. If you simply copy and paste the OS files on your USB drive and try to install it by restarting, it won’t work. Your PC will simply not detect the USB drive while booting.

Here’s when Rufus comes to work. It makes your USB drive bootable and also copies your OS files to the USB drive. Once done successfully, you have to restart your computer and enter the BIOS settings. From there change the default boot drive as your external USB drive. Now when you restart the PC again, it will load the OS installation files from your USB drive.

Download Rufus for Mac

Till now we are pretty sure that you have understood how useful and popular Rufus is. But there’s a problem for the macOS users. Rufus is an open-source and portable application for Windows only. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 (both 32 bit and 64 bit). The software is available for some time now and there’s no macOS version available yet.

Top Free Alternatives of Rufus for Mac

However, there are other great alternatives available for mac that can help you to create bootable disks and USB drives. Moreover, in this article, we will only mention the free alternatives of Rufus for Mac. Below are the top free alternatives of Rufus for Mac.

1) Etcher

If you want an application that gets the job done well and yet has an appealing user interface then you should definitely try Etcher. Etcher is an open-source application just like Rufus and it can burn images of your operating system files on external drives. Once you open Etcher, it is very easy to create bootable disks. Just select the image file of the operating system you downloaded. Then select the drive which you want to make bootable and finally click on flash. Etcher will do the rest of the job and create your bootable disk. The application is available for macOS as well as Windows and Linux.

Download it from here.

2) DiskMaker X

Another great application that you can use is DiskMaker X. It can find the installer program using Spotlight and it will create the bootable disk. Just like Etcher, DiskMaker X also has a great user interface. The task of creating a bootable USB drive can be done in just a few clicks using DiskMaker X. The application is truly a great alternative if you are planning to Download Rufus for mac.

Download DiskMaker X from here.

3) UNetbootin

Download Rufus for mac - UNetbootin

UNetbootin is one of the most popular applications available on macOS for creating bootable drives. The application is a cross-platform application and you can use it absolutely free. The application is extremely powerful and it is very easy to use as well. Just like Rufus, you will have to select the ISO file of your operating system and then select the drive which you want to make bootable. That’s it. UNetbootin is used by many people around the globe and we highly recommend it if you are looking for a true Rufus alternative.

Download UNetbootin from here.

4) ROSA Image Writer

If you are still looking for other alternatives then you can also use ROSA Image Writer. It is a free tool to create bootable USB drives and it is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The application itself is very small and it has a simple UI. Using ROSA Image Writer is extremely easy as well. Just select your operating system file and the USB drive. Next click on ‘write’ and it will create your bootable disk.

Download Rosa from here.

5) Deepin Boot Maker


Deepin Boot Maker is another free to use utility software for creating your bootable drive. The application is developed by the Deepin team and it has a nice user interface. Again, the process of creating a bootable drive is the same. Just select your ISO file and then select your USB thumb drive. Finally, click on ‘Start to create’ and wait until it completes.

Click here to download Deepin Boot Maker.

6) Multiboot USB

If you want a Rufus alternative with a lot of features then Multiboot USB should be your choice. With Multiboot USB  you can create bootable USB drives without erasing the old data stored on the USB drive. Moreover, you can also remove already installed OS and write ISO images to a disk. There are also other features available in the application.

Download Multiboot USB from here.

7) Using Terminal

Download Rufus for Mac - Using Commands on Terminal

You can also create a bootable drive using the terminal on your mac. For that you’ll need to enter the following command (if you are on macOS Mojave):

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/MyVolume

When prompted enter your password and hit return. Type ‘y‘ and hit return to agree to delete your existing files on your USB drive. Then the image file will be copied and once the bootable drive is ready it will show ‘Done’. Now quit the terminal and eject your USB drive.

If you are on any other version of macOS other than Mojave then you can refer to the apple support page to find the exact command for your OS version.

8) Install Disk Creator

Download Rufus for mac - Install Disk Creator

You can also try the Install Disk Creator to create your bootable to drive. The application also works the same way, just choose your USB drive, select your installation file and click on the ‘Create Installer’ button. That’s it.

Download Install Disk Creator from here.

So these were the top free alternatives if you were planning to download Rufus for mac. All of these applications work well and these are not listed in any particular order. Let us know in the comments which application is your favorite when it comes to creating bootable USB drives.

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