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Nowadays there are several applications available in the market for video chatting purpose. Although the quality of the video calling is depending on the application and the network. Among several applications for video calling in the market, FaceTime is one of the best applications you can find. In this article, we will discuss how to FaceTime in Mac OS. FaceTime is exclusive to iOS devices only, so this application cannot be used in a cross-platform manner.

What is FaceTime?

FaceTime application is the exclusive application for free audio and video calling across iOS devices. This application can be used only in the iOS devices, there is no version of this application is available for other operating system platforms. Although they might be an Android version app in development process according to several sources.

There are several applications available in the market which is having similar functionality, but if you are using iOS device then you can use this native application developed by Apple itself. Video quality while establishing a video call is much better compared to other video messaging applications.

FaceTime supports up to 720p video calling support, although for this you might need a faster internet connection. You can even call between iPhone and Mac OS using the FaceTime application. You will receive calls even if you haven’t launched the testing application on your device.

Features of FaceTime For Mac

facetime for mac

These are the key features of the FaceTime application. Read the features carefully before installing this application on your Mac OS.

1) This application is easy to install and set up in your iOS devices.

2) The user interface of the application is user-friendly so it can be used easily even for the beginners. • Contact organization is made easy by this application.

3) This application gives the ability to establish HD video calls using your internet connection.

4) Audio and video call can be established anytime as long as your device is connected with the internet.

How to Download FaceTime on Mac OS

Use these following guidelines for downloading FaceTime application on your Mac computer. Read the guidelines carefully before making any changes on your Mac computer.


These are the requirements which need to be fulfilled before you can install the FaceTime application on your Mac computer.

  • Mac OS with any version is needed in your Mac computer.
  • If your Mac computer is running on Mac OS X then it needs to be Snow Leopard v10.6.6 or later.
  • Another end user must have iOS devices.
  • Internet connection is required to establish connection.
  • Apple ID for logging into the application.
  • If you all having Mac OS X Lion or later then the FaceTime application is pre-installed.

1) First, you need to open the Apple app store on your Mac computer.

2) After the Apple App store opens the app, search for the FaceTime application using the search bar.

3) Wait for the search result to show up on your screen.

4) Select the FaceTime application from the search result.

5) After selecting the application, it will open the download page.

6) Click on the get button in order to download the application on your Mac computer

7) Now it will ask you to confirm and click on the install button in order to continue with the downloading process.

8) Wait for a few moments to let the FaceTime application to be installed in your Mac computer/

9) After the application is downloaded you will get to see the application, I turn on your Mac computer.

10) You can also use the link provided in this article to directly open the application download page.

How to Use FaceTime Application on Mac Computer

Use these following steps to use the FaceTime application on Mac computer.

1) Open the FaceTime application on Mac computer from the applications folder. If you are not having this application then use the above-mentioned guidelines for downloading the FaceTime application.

2) After you have launched the FaceTime application, the application will ask for the Apple ID.

3) You can either use any previously created Apple ID or you can create a new one to continue.

4) If you are having two-factor authentication turned on your Apple ID, then you need to enter the verification code in order to continue.

5) Now you need to verify your contact information in the “you can be reached for FaceTime” at section.

6) You can either use an email address or phone number in order to continue.

7) Now go to the start new calls from the section and neither choose an audio call or video call.

8) In order to establish video or audio call, you need to search in the contacts search for using the name, phone number or email address of the contact whom you are trying to call.

9) Now you need to tap on the telephone icon to start an audio call, or you can tap on the camera icon to start a video call.

10) You also use the Siri to make FaceTime calls, to do so you need to tap on the Siri icon which is located in the top right corner of the Mac menu bar.

11) After the Siri opens up, voice commands the Siri in order to start a FaceTime call according to your choice.

Pros and Cons of FaceTime Application:

These are the pros and cons of the FaceTime application for iOS devices. You should definitely know about this information before using FaceTime application on your devices.


1) Application is available in the native App Store and in some of the Mac OS X versions, this application comes as pre-installed.

2) Give you the best quality of free audio and video calling across iOS devices.


1) Application is supported only in iOS devices, no other operating system platforms having the support for this application.

2) If you are not having a Mac computer or iPhone, then you need to use the emulator in order to run this application which is a difficult process.

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The FAQ on FaceTime Application:

Before you start installing the best in the application on your Mac computer, you should clear out a few questions from this FAQ section

1) Is this application available for free or it is chargeable?

Answer – Yes, FaceTime application is absolutely free and you can also use the free audio and video calls using your internet connection.

2) Can I get a similar experience of FaceTime application if I am running this application on iOS emulator?

Answer – Yes, but it is entirely depending on the performance of the iOS emulator which you are using on your Windows PC.

We hope all your queries about FaceTime for Mac is solved. If you have any queries you can comment below and we will be happy to help you. Also, keep visiting our site iPhoneoholic for latest updates on iPhone and Mac.

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