FaceTime App Download For Android APK, iPhone & WINDOWS PC

Today we are going to provide in-dept article hon how to download FaceTime App for Android, iPhone & Windows for users who are eager to do video calls with their loved ones. We are going to share step by step guide on how you can download and install Facetime in your smartphone device or your computer Pc.

Facetime is one of the best and ultimate video calling app developed by Apple for it’s iOS and Mac device. Many third party softwares and OS are trying hard to integrate this amazing video calling App to provide Facetime in their system.

We are going to talk about FaceTime for Android later in the article. We are also going to break the suspense about does FaceTime work on Android device? If you want to download FaceTime and use it’s amazing features then continue reading thi article. We have shared all the tips and tricks about it.

Lets dive in straight to the point.

FaceTime For Android, iPhone, Windows and MAC

facetime download

Like we promised in the above paragraph that we are going to break the suspense about FaceTime for Android. Lets us tell you frankly that their is no FaceTime for Android available in any of the stores online, Be it Play Store, Aptoide or any other market online. The developers of FaceTime has configures this App in such a way that it can only be used in iPhone.

Until we get hold of a working FaceTime for Android Apk, we request you to try few alternatives to FaceTime which provides similar features for video calling. We are going to share few amazing apps which are alternatives to FaceTime that you will surely love to use for video and audio calling for free through internet data in your phone and Mac.

With the rise in so much demand of FaceTime for Android, We are sure sooner or later users will be able to use this amazing app on their Android smartphones. Though Apple is sticking to it’s iOS device, Google is trying hard to launch new apps which has similar features like FaceTime has in iPhone.

FaceTime For iPhone Download Free

First of all let us tell you that, iPhone, iPad and Mac users are official clients of this app. If you have any of the device, then you can have benefit of FaceTime anytime you want. This is the best video calling app in the world, No other App can at the moment beat Apple’s FaceTime. You can download this app from the Apple store free of cost whenever you want. In iPhone and iPad, this app is already available when you buy the phone. This means you don’t need to download it. You can directly create Apple id and start doing video call with your friends and family.

Before you download or use the App, lets check system requirements in which Facetime works.

1) iPhone – You need iPhone 4 or above model to use this App.

2) iPod – You need 4th Gen iPod touch or above model.

3) Mac Book – Mac OS X v10.6.6 or any above OS.

4) iPad – iPad mini, iPad 2 or any above mode is compatible.

Below mentioned are few steps to download FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad

Step 1 : Open the App Store in your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac)

Step 2 : Search for the FaceTime app in the Search bar and wait for few seconds.

Step 3 : You will get several results, just select the most rated app or just check for publisher name and the version detail.

Step 4 : Now install the app from the App store

Step 5 : Once the App is installed, you will find it on your home screen. Click on it to launch.

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Congrats FaceTime is successfully downloaded and installed on your iOS device.

facetime download free

Now you will have to follow the below given steps to configure your account on Facetime App on any latest iOS device.

1) Firstly when you will launch the app, you have to setup your account and add your phone number in the App.

2) Once you provide your number, your contact list will automatically sync authorization to search other users in your friends list who use this video calling App.

3) You should now sign in to the App with your Apple id so that you will be able to update the app very easily and you will also get notification everytime a new version is available for update.

4) You have to set your caller id with your Email ID so that it becomes easy for other users to contact you quickly.

5) Apple will verify your details like, Location, Mobile number and email id for authorizations.

6) To make calls on the app, just search for the contact you want to talk to and tap on their name, Then you will get option, You can make video call or Audio call, Choose which ever you want to and start.

This is a very simple app and very easy to understand. Even a small kid can learn this very quickly. The user interface is very smooth and you can complete the task of calling very easily. Users are just loving the FaceTime app and don’t prefer to choose any alternative for doing video calls as this app done not have any bugs or issues. You can make calls from your Macbook also, Mac also has option to make video calls. This function is supported across all Apple devices which is the best feature users have ever got.

FaceTime For Mac

You can do unlimited video calling from Mac to your friends and family using FaceTime. The App is free of cost and you can download it from iTunes App Store. You can check the complete guide on how to do Facetime on Mac OS computer on our site. We have done a complete guide post about it.

FaceTime For PC Windows Download

facetime for pc

You can easily download the popular video calling App by Apple to any iOS device but as we said, FaceTime for Android is not available and is not possible to use it at the moment, In future yes we may have this app available for Android, but at the moment is it not available. Also for Windows this App is not available. We have to use alternative App for it. You can go to Play Store to download alternative apps quickly.

Below we have suggested an alternative method that may work in your computer of pc.

You just have to download and install an emulator in your PC or computer. If you don’t have any emulator then you can download Bluestacks for your computer which is free of cost.

How to Download FaceTime for Windows

If you follow the steps given by us then you will be able to install the app successfully on your windows computer for free of cost. You need an emulator to run any type of APK file. An emulator is designed to allow all the users to run APK file on computer. This is the best way as you don’t have to make any changes in the software and directly run the application just the way you do in your mobile.

Once you have downloaded the application file, Just run it’s setup and install it in your computer.You can use multiple android Emulators which are available free of cost online to use FaceTime APK to make video calls.it will take some time to upload and download so be patient and don’t close the file before it is completed. Now next step is to open the Bluestack app and then you have to link your existing google accounts with it. This step is compulsory so kindly don’t miss it.

Follow the steps below

1) Firstly you have to download FaceTime APK to your computer.

2) Now go to the location where this file has been downloaded.

3) Now just right click mouse and click open with option

4) Open with Bluestacks option

5) Your FaceTime app might run with the help of Bluestacks

6) Now if you are lucky, you will see the app icon in Bluestakcs.

Note : To run FaceTime app on your windows computer, you will have to try the steps we have said. If you are not able to use the app on Windows then don’t feel bad as we will keep updating latest tricks to this page for you, Till then you can use alternative app to do video calling from your windows pc

FaceTime for Windows

The demand of video calling apps is increasing so lots of new apps are launched in the market everyday. The most famous of all is FaceTime which is facing tough competition in the market because of Android and other OS which are open source. The main drawback of the App is iOS. This app is available only in the iTunes App store and so Android users are not able to take benefit of this famous App.

Apple has not allowed the app in open source standard so only iOS users can take advantage of this app and us it. A lot of people have requested to launch it in Android and Windows platform. now only time will tell when this app is launched on other OS.

So as we told u earlier, this App does not work on Windows phone and is only compatible with Apple iOS device only. If you want to do video calling then their are many other apps which are available in the market free of cost. We are going to discuss best FaceTime Alternatives with you.

Top Features of FaceTime

1) Video Calling

This is the main feature of FaceTime that users just love and iOS users get advantage to use this feature free of cost.

2) iOS Device Only

This App is limited to iOS device only so no bugs or cracked version is available online.

3) Access

Users can use the phone in background while on video call.

4) Camera

User can get advantage to use both front and back camera while doing video calling

5) Updates

New features are updates frequently to make this app user friendly.

6) No Timer

iOS does not count the number of time spent on video calling like we have in our smartphone for audio calling we do.

7) Secure

This app is the most secure and more loved by users

8) Video & Voice

If users just want to do audio call then also they can do it.

9) Mute

You can mute the audio any time you want.

10) Visibility settings

If you have an important call then you can turn off your Visibility and you will be hidden for some time.

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Best FaceTime Alternatives

We know that FaceTime App is limited to only iOS users, This does not mean that Windows and Android users are left out. Even they can enjoy video calling on their smartphone and computer. There are 100’s of apps available on Google Play Store that are alternatives of Apple’s FaceTime. A lot of Apps provide tough competition to Apple as maximum people in the world use Android smartphones.

Listed below are some of the top FaceTime Alternatives that Android users are loving.

1) Skype

Skype is one of the oldest video calling application available for Windows and Android which has managed to retain users with it’s latest updates and staying with the trend. Skype is considered better than many as it has better bandwidth and it can be used by both the users, Android and iOS so it becomes more easy to communicate with each other quickly.

2) Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one famous apps amongst users as it has all the features that FaceTime has. Also this app is owned by Google and users trust the brand name as they use it’s search engine daily to search for answers. The best feature of this app is that users can do a group chat and can add 10 people at once and do chat.

3) Viber

The was the first app to offer Text and Audio messaging service but later big players launched video calling apps and people quickly moved to their app. Unlike Google Hangout and Skype, Viber is available only on smartphones which is one of it’s minus point.

We hope you liked our article and your queries were solved. We will keep updating more details about FaceTime for Android, iOS and Windows Pc when we get more information about it. You can check more article about iPhone and iOS on our site iPhoneoholic which has latest content. Also kindly share this article with your friends and family.