Hackers took only three weeks to jailbreak iOS 11


Should Apple allow iPhone jailbreaks ? Well these hackers think so, Recently a group of hackers took only three weeks to jailbreak iOS 11. Yes you read it right. iOS Jailbreak give super awesome ideas for the future of mobile technology which is not legally allowed to do,  But the news that has come says that iOS 11 has already been jailbroken.

Hackers took only three weeks to jailbreak iOS 11

We know you are already super excited with this news but it is a big concern as the security of iOS 11 can be beaten easily. At the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) 2017 in China as proof of concept (redmondpie.com Explained). We are not sure if this Jailbreak iOS 11 will be available for regular users in the coming days.

Even thought Hackers have jailbreak iOS 11, don’t expect them to release it for public until September when iOS 11 rolls out for all the devices as Apple could patch the jailbreak and update it.


Jailbreak might be helpful to the developers who’s App is not Approved on App Store but always remember it may be used for  malicious purposes.

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