How to Delete Apps on iPhone & iPad


How to Delete Apps on iPhone : The Apple Inc. is doing a remarkable job why delivering the best quality smartphone to the world, that is iPhone of course. You might have observed the craziness for using the Apple gadgets in people, the class, the body, the smoothness everything about the Apple gadgets are perfect and it is almost next to impossible to find any kind of flaw in iPhone or iPads.

Now, how many applications you want in your phone completely depends on you much storage is remaining in your phone and what are the necessary applications you actually need in your phone.

If the storage of your phone gets overloaded with useless apps, it might start getting hang or heat and stops to function properly so if you are also one of them who have installed useless applications in your iPhone, it is high time to delete them because it is killing your phone’s strength to work properly.

If you want to know that how to delete apps on iPhone then you need to read further, if you are already an iPhone user then you might be already knowing the process, but if you a new user, then this guide on steps to delete apps on iPhone, can help you a lot.

So, let’s start:

How to Delete Apps From iPhone and iPad?

how to delete apps on iPhone

The major difference between the process to delete apps in android phone and in iPhone is the easiness. Different android companies provide different process to uninstall the application whereas in all the models of iPhone the process is same.

In order to delete apps from iPhone, you need to:

  • Tap for few seconds on the application that you want to uninstall.
  • After few seconds you will see a cross button at the top right side of the respective application.
  • Click on the cross button and click on “confirm” button and your app will get deleted.

Another way through which you can delete app on iPhone is:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to general and then go to iPhone storage.
  • Open the app you want to uninstall.
  • Below you will see the option of “Delete App”, tap on that option twice and the app will get deleted from your phone.

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Now as you know how to delete apps on iPhone, pick your phone and clean up the storage. Keep only those applications which you actually need. Enjoy the cool features of iPhone and enjoy your life. Be happy and don’t get serious!

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