How to Force Quit an App on iPhone Running iOS 11


Do you want to Force Quit App on iPhone and Mac? We all have a bad habit of keeping a lot of applications running in memory. This way what happens is the phone sometimes react vulnerably and will shut down apps on it own. Just for giving you the best user experience. But many a time your applications freeze instantly while using. This is when you need to force quit your application manually.Today we will tell you how to force quit app on iPhone running iOS 11

It’s easy to force quit an application in iOS 10. So why are you reading this article? Because there’s a change in iOS 11 procedure to force close apps. We will guide you how to do it in iOS 11.

Since iOS 7 we have been force closing our applications just by swiping up on the screen. However, in iOS 11 this feature is changed they have taken back the old iOS force closing feature back. If you are an old iOS user you must be knowing how apple managed to close applications in iOS 6. You have to hold the app and there comes an “x” icon at the top-left corner of the app icon. The new iOS 11 is now having this feature.

Note the iOS 11 is still in beta version and there can be a change in the official release.

Force Quit App on iPhone Running iOS 11

We will guide you step-by-step on how to force close your app via gestures also. Keep reading.


Step 1 – Double tap on your iPhone’s Home button to bring up the app switcher.

Step 2 – Tap and hold any ongoing application in the app switcher until you see an “x in the top-left of application.

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Step 3 – Kill any unresponsive app by clicking on the “X” in its top-left corner.

Step 4 – When done. Tap on the Home button once to return to the Home Screen on your iPhone.

Force Quit App on iPhone Running iOS 11


Step 1 – Swipe up with one finger on the running app.

Continue to swipe to open the App Switcher.

Step 2 – Find out which app you want to quit.

Step 3 – Press and hold the app you will see an “x” icon at the top-left corner of the app.

Wrapping Up

I think Apple has taken this decision just because you don’t close your app by mistake. The method is not convenient as it was in iOS 10. But maybe they have taken this step just to have more safety for the users.

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