How to improve your battery life in iOS 11


Conserving the battery life of your phone is a continuous struggle with life. On one hand, you continuously wish to use your phone either to play games, chat with your loved ones or to read interesting blogs like ours. While on the other hand, you have to save your battery life so your phone doesn’t die while usage. Ever thought you can improve your battery life in iOs 11? That’s what we are going to explain in our present article on, How to improve your battery life in iOs 11.

Improve your battery life in iOs 11 – But How?

1. Turn off ‘Hey Siri’

Siri notifications eat your battery a lot. So if you don’t find it’s worthy, you can disable the notifications from Siri.

2. Disable Auto-playing of Videos

This trick will save both on your data as well as battery life. Applications like Twitter as well as Facebook auto-plays the video. Although they offer the disable option in their settings tab.

3. Disable data sending to Apple

Apple asks for your data as an inbuilt feature which in turn consumes your battery. Although, you can disable it from the settings tab.

4. Activate ‘Limit Ad Tracking’

Activating this feature will reduce the number of location-based advertisements on your phone, which in turn will improve your battery life in iOs 11.

5. Deactivate Fitness Tracking

Do you want those annoying fitness tips whole day? No. Then turn it off.

6. Deactivate Handoff

You only require handoff when you are jumping off from one device to another. So deactivate it when not in need.

7. Toggle off the Location Settings

There are many applications which use your location data. You can turn them off to improve your battery life in iOs 11.

8. Fetch Data Less Frequently

Enabling this feature will reduce both your data usage as well as improve your battery life in iOs 11.

9. Deactivate iCloud Preferences

You don’t need an iCloud if you are having only one apple device. So it is better to deactivate iCloud preferences.

10. Disable ‘Raise to Wake’

Turning off this annoying feature is better. Who would like to notice such kind of annoying notifications!

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