How to Keep Your iCloud Files Secure [10 Ways]


iCloud is widely used by Apple users. It allows Apple users to secure their information, photos, documents, notes, and emails in one place. However, for a quite long time, iCloud’s security has been controversial. Like back in 2014, there was news of photo leaking and so on. So the question is how to keep iCloud files secure?

How to keep iCloud files secure?

How to Keep Your iCloud Files Secure

Well, in this article, I am going to answer this question only. I will be talking about 10 ways that you can use to keep your iCloud account safe from hackers. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

1) Create Strong iCloud Password

First of all, you can start by creating a strong iCloud password. This one is the first precaution that you should text.

Also, while creating a password, you should avoid using easily relatable texts. Nor you should use your birth date, anniversary, names of your children, your maiden name, and so on. Instead, you need to think about something which is not easily guessable.

However, the good part is that if you are not so good at coming up with a strong password. Then I would strongly recommend you to use a password generator for the job.

2) Use Two-Step Verification to Sign in iCloud

You can also use two-step verification to sign in iCloud. Apple has especially designed a full proof system to safeguard your personal data and information. An iCloud two-step authentication is a standard approach to securing data.

The feature works whenever you sign in using a new device. In such a case, you will need to need to enter your password and a 6 digit verification code. The verification code will be shown on your trusted device. So you can only login in.

Also, with your trusted device, only you will be able to login using your username and assigned password.

To get started with the two-step verification, you will need to login to your Apple ID and then follow this path: Manage your Apple ID > Password and Security > Two-Step Verification. After that, follow all the screen instructions, and you will be good to go.

3) Turn off “Find My iPhone”

You should also turn off find my iPhone feature. Find My iPhone gives direct access to hackers and allows the hackers to guess your password with unlimited attempts. As a result, the hacker will easily be able to get into your iCloud account.

4) Clear privacy and sensitive data on your device

As time starts to pass, your iPhone starts storing a lot of your personal data. Like bank account details, message logs, call logs, browser history, and so on. And by cleaning all these private data, you can protect your personal data from hackers.

However, the thing with Apple is that they do not opt to clear all these data once. Instead, you have to delete these data manually.

5) Use Only Secure Wireless Networks to Transfer Data

You should also only use secure wireless networks to transfer data. For basic security, Apple already encrypts all the files that are sent to iCloud. However, when you use public wifi, the hackers can actually get access to your Device and figure out what kind of data you have saved on your device.

Hence, it is extremely important that you only use secure wireless networks to connect with iCloud. However, if you are going to use public wifi, then you can try using a VPN for safety.

6) Protect the Files on your Device as well as those in iCloud

While Apple may encrypt file which is sent to iCloud. But Apple does not really keep your files secured on your Device. So if your device is connected to iCloud but not protected with a passcode. Then there is a high chance that hackers can easily and directly copy files from your Device using a USB cable.

Hence, to protect yourself, you should use a four-digit passcode, which enables you to lock your phone. So your Device will be encrypted.

7) Encrypt all Sensitive Documents and Images to your Hard Drive:

If you have a bunch of sensitive data stored on your device that you cannot afford to share with anyone else. It would be a good idea to avoid using iCloud for storing your password.

Instead, what you can do is encrypt all your sensitive data like documents, images, videos, or other files. Then you will need to store them on your computer hard disk. This way, no one will be able to hack the data.

8) Set your Phone to Wipe Data if too Many Unsuccessful Access Attempts are Made

The next thing that you can try out it set your iPhone to wipe data if too many unsuccessful access attempts are made.

If you access your iPhone settings, there is an option located at the bottom called Passcode Lock, and below that option, there is a feature called Erase Data. Simply enable this feature. And it will set your iPhone to erase data stored on your iPhone if there are 10 unsuccessful attempts to gain access to the device.

9) Regularly change your Security Questions and Answers

You should also change your security questions and answers regularly. As you already know that to create an Apple account, you will need to enter answer some security questions and answers. And these details play an important role in securing your account.

And if the hacker knows you very well, then there is a high chance that they could hack your account by answering the right questions. Hence, it is extremely important that you change your security questions and answers from time to time.

10) Link your iCloud to a Current and Accessible E-mail Account

Finally, you should like your iCloud to a current accessible e-mail account. As you already know that your iCloud account depends on your main e-mail account. However, in case if you ever want to reset your iCloud password and it does not work properly, then you will lose your iCloud account.

But when your account is connected with a current and accessible e-mail account, you can be sure that your account is accessible. And if anything goes wrong, you will be able to recover it.

Wrapup on How to Keep Your iCloud Files Secure

We hope you liked our guide to keep iCloud files safe and secure. Let us know in the comment section below if you find any issues while securing your iCloud. Also, keep visiting our site for daily updates on all Apple products.

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