How to Set up 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook on iPhone


Digitalization is the new birth of technology and in the digital era where the information is circulated within an ounce of time weather it could be an image/scanned documents/income or could be any personal data.

Now-a-days every organisation, financial institution, even stagnant government institutions use digital method for transaction of money, nevertheless everything has its pros and cons so do the digital technology.

With an ease by accessing internet one can take out any personal information of a person and misuse it in any malicious way or the transactions can be hacked. Every big organisations use the protective layer for their digital work so that it cannot be hacked or display to others. Day-to-day the cybercrime is at hike, so it is better to stay protective as precaution is better than cure, hence apply a protective layer on your social media account.

How to Set up 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook on iPhone

Set up 2 Factor Authentication for Facebook on iPhone

Today in this guide, we are going to tell you, “how to set-up 2 factor authentication for Facebook on iPhone”, securing your Facebook data is highly important if you don’t want anyone to misuse it, whether it is an android device or iPhone.

What is 2-factor Authentication?

2 factor authentication- also known as 2FA is a 2-step verification to make your account more secure and nobody except you could access your account as privacy is paramount.

As two-factor authentication is not a new concept but its use has become far more relevant in the digital age. As recently many renowned social networking sites like- Google announced two factor authentication, online for their users, followed Yahoo,Facebook.

Using a Two Factor Authentication process one can help to diminish the number of cases of identity theft on the Internet, as well as phishing via email, because the criminal would need more than just the users name and password details.

   To start 2FA for Facebook on Iphone: one must have an account on social networking site and to keep the account secure these simple steps are to be followed:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to FB Settings.
  • Click on account setting
  • Go to security and login
  • Click 2 factor authentication and start it
  • There u may see various methods to secure an account such as-
  • Through sms
  • Through authentication app
  • Choose any according to your ease.
  • Add country code.
  • You will soon get the verification code on that number you provided.
  • Re-write the code on your account and confirm it
  • If u wish to share your phone number to your contacts u can do so.
  • Save it and its done.

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Follow the steps very carefully and make sure that you are providing a number that is in use, otherwise later you will face various kind of troubles. We hope the guidance on “how to set-up 2 factor authentication for Facebook on iPhone”, was easy to understood. Secure your information from getting leaked and hide it from hackers. It is highly recommended that you should only provide the necessary information, don’t provide every detail such as bank detail, house address, document number or so.

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