How To Show Hidden Files On Mac?


There might be a hundred of files and folders that are hidden on your very own Mac so that you cannot access and tamper with them. However many times you need to access these files in order to do some important tasks on them or simply for viewing them. However, you have no idea how you can come across these files and folders? Well then rest assured because in this article you will get to know about how one can easily locate all the hidden files that are present in your Mac so that one can perform various functions on them easily. Before delving into the viewing process we need to know what kind of files are actually hidden in a Mac, so let’s take a look.

What Are The Files Hidden On Mac?

this is how you can shoe hidden files on your mac os

In iOS, the files that are hidden are usually preceded by a . (Dot) and that won’t show up in the usual file list. The file can be of any type; it can be a .htaccess file, a ..bash profile file or even a directory having the extension os .svn. some of the folders like the /bin, /usr, /etc. are also at times hidden away from the normal users of the Mac to avoid any kind of complications to the user while operating the system. The reason why they are hidden from normal users could be that because they are either really confusing or can be dangerous. These files are so sensitive that the slightest of change in them can cause your entire pc to be messed up.

How To Show Hidden Files On Mac?

There are three ways by which one can view the hidden folder and access the files hidden away in them. In the MAC OS on which the apple products run, one needs to find the finder shortcut for keyboard, and this will show all the hidden files and folders that are currently present in the PC. For that one needs to –

  • First, open the Finder
  • Up next the user must go to the folder that has Macintosh HD written on it. In order to access this folder, you will need to head to the left column of the devices section where you will be able to locate this easily.
  • You will need to hold down the Shift + CMD+ dot buttons for some time.
  • As soon as you do this, you will see that all the files that are hidden in your pc will become visible.
  • In order to hide the files back again, you will need to hold down the CMD + shift + dot buttons once again. This will hide the files securely, and no one will have any idea that they exist.

If one needs to find a hidden folder in the Mac OS, then the first thing to do is to find the hidden library in the OC that you are using. In an attempt to find the library folder one needs to take the following steps.

  • Open the finder option on your pc
  • Up next hold down the alt button and then choose the GO option from the dropdown menu bar that will be visible on top of the screen
  • The library folder will clearly be visible right below the home folder.

This library folder will contain all the hidden files and folders in your pc, and you will be able to view them all with eas3e. In order to hide them, you can simply undo the steps that you did in the last step. There is however a third way to do this thing. With 3 easy alternatives, one can access the files and folders in no time. Take a look below.

  • Open the finder that you see there
  • From the menu bar, you will need to choose the go option present over there.
  • After you have chosen the Go to folder option, you can do so by holding the shift + CMD + G buttons you will be able to easily take a look at the folders that are present in your device.
  • In order to access the hidden files and folders, type library in the text box and then hit on the go button that you see over there.

This will help you to access and view all those files and folders that were hidden so long from your plain sight. However, if your MAC OS is not functioning properly and you are a proud owner of mac you can also access all the things using the terminal, want to know? Take a look at how.

Viewing Hidden Folders Using Terminal on Mac

The terminal can be used easily in order to access all those safely tucked away, hidden, files as well as folders, take a look at the easy peasy steps to do this –

  • Open the terminal on your pc. You can also open command prompt which acts as the terminal in most of the computers.
  • You will need to run a script in order to view the files and folders hidden. The script is –

$ Defaults write Finder

Apple show all files true

$ killall finder

  • If after this code you feel like hiding back all the files and folders you have access you can simply change the truth in the code to false, and that will be done.

To Sum It All Up about how to show hidden files on Mac

Thus we saw how easy it is to access all the files that are hidden in the mac. So the next time if you want to access there make sure you use these 3 super easy alternatives in order to see those hidden things. Alternatively, if you are feeling like a coder and want to try out the final option, then that too can be done easily without any hassle and will consume really little time. So this is all that you need to know about accessing all the hidden files that are present in your mac.

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