How to take screenshot on iPad and iPad Pro


How to take screenshot on iPad : Well, iPad a device wanted and preferred by every individual today. This device holds a sleek and efficient design which contains a reputation to another level in this world. This mobile computing device is often mistaken as a PC, which it is not. It doesn’t have USB ports or DVD slot, but it excels in the fields like multimedia and even beholds two inbuilt cameras along with email and traditional web. iPad is is a line of computers developed and manufactured by Apple.Inc. , it also runs the iOS mobile operating system. The first ever iPad was released on April 3 in 2010. According to a study of 2017, it has sold more than 360 million iPads. It’s a multi-touch screen device including a virtual machine which can shoot videos, click pictures, browse the net and much more stuff like email and web browsing. Till now there have been five versions of the iPad all of the screen lengths up to 7.9 inches whereas there have been three versions of iPad pro. It has the capability of storing up to 64 Gb which enough for storing thousands of photos and music along with dozens of high definition movies.

Listed above were a few traits of iPad, which made it stand out amongst the other tablets present. But the area of focus here is the worth of a screenshot; screen capturing may sound quite simple and not so happening task to ponder our eyes. But little do we know the importance of these screenshots that can sometimes be quite important to some people helping to capture large PNG images of your screen that could be useful for anyone. The need for the screenshots is justifiable by sending or sharing a quite important thing along with your friends, relatives, co-workers, or whosoever pleases you the most for posting it. Moreover, it can be used to flaunt your scores in the games or act as a guide for some, and at last, it’s the best as photo shreds of evidence can reach out a long way. Whichever reason it is that forces you to take a screenshot, al the versions of iPad can do this task whether you put iPad pro to the test or next-gen mini.

How To Take Screenshot on iPad Using The Top & Home OR Volume Button

How to take screenshot on iPad
How to take screenshot on iPad
  • Firstly, locate the home and the top power buttons. The home button is the only one at the front screen, whereas the power button is the one present on the right corner vertically and is oval shaped present at the top. In case you are using 2018 iPad pro then there will be no home button present, and you need to search for the volume button.
  • Secondly, press and hold the top button and then give a tap on the home button and release both simultaneously. In case you are using iPad pro then press the power button and the volume button and release both simultaneously. You need to follow this step after adjusting your screen correctly that you want to capture. After pressing the buttons, you will notice a momentarily flash and a shutter sound only when your device isn’t in silent mode.
  • After capturing the screen, you can find the photos in the camera roll in the photos app which resembles like a colorful flower and after opening the app, swipe to the bottom screen to view the recently captured photos.

How To Take Screenshot On iPad Using Assistive Touch

 Assistive touch is another feature of iPad it uses for performing quite complex functions. This feature also enables one to capture the screen without the need of pressing several buttons combinations. If you are unable to push a mixture of the button for taking a screenshot, then the usage of assistive touch would be an ideal option for you to look

To use this feature, you need to on the assistive touch feature first that can be turned on by the following steps:

  • Go to the settings > general > accessibility > assistive touch.
  • Then make a note that the assistive touch feature is ‘toggled on’ in the menu.

Now that the assistive touch feature is running, one can take a screenshot using the menu of the assistive touch. You can take screenshot by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open the assistive touch menu options present on the screen.
  • Then touch the device and later press the more option.
  • Then after this press on the screenshot option and when you press so, you will notice a momentarily flash along with the shutter noise if your phone isn’t in the silent mode.

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How To Share a Screenshot on iPad

If once taken a screenshot you can find the saved image in the camera roll which uses it for various purposes according to one’s perspective. The individual can opt for sharing the screenshot for multiple needful works and even keep the particular image as a shred of evidence which can be helpful your defense. The usage all depends upon you. So in case, you need to share the information whether to flaunt or to prove your innocence, you can do it by following the particular steps.

  • Firstly, open the image you took a screenshot of what you need to share from the ‘Photos’ app, which resembles quite like a colorful flower.
  • Then, tap on the image to enlarge its size or adjust it according to your preference and then press the share icon shown in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Next, you need to select the social networking site you wish to post it to whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc. or share it via Whatsapp or any other social networking sites. You can even share the files via AirDrop, but it requires iOS 7 or updated version and needs your Wi-fi and Bluetooth to be active.

We hope all your doubts about How to take screenshot on iPad and iPad Pro are clear now. If you face any issue then kindly comment below and we will be happy to help. Happy Screenshoting on your iPad

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