How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android


How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android : Losing all your contacts for some reason is painful. It is a common occurrence after changing your phone. It is a whole new level of tediousness to ask all your friends and family for contact numbers once again and repeat the process just because you weren’t aware of backing it up or some other procedures. The process of transferring contacts is particularly unique in case of transferring contacts from an iPhone to an Android phone owing it to the different operating systems. There are several methods of transferring contact details from one mobile to another plus it is relatively easy.

Different Methods on How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

1) Manual Method

You can selectively move contacts only with the “Share Contact” option. Then, open your contacts and choose the contact which you want to save, then, swipe down and choose the option which will allow you to share the contact via email or text. This method is best avoided if you have too many contacts which need to be saved and when it exceeds ten as you have to repeat the procedure over and over again making it tedious.

2) Using iCloud

Access to iCloud using your computer and choose the contacts you wish to export single or you can “select all” after clicking on gear. Tap the gear once again and choose “Export vCard” option. A download will be started which includes a VCF file that has all the contacts you selected. Then plug in your android device to your computer and copy the file you just downloaded to your memory card or internal storage and then import all the contacts from your contacts app. The contacts app supports an option that gives you permission to add contacts from different places. If you have saved it in your memory Card, then you will be selecting the import option from the storage source.

3) Via An App like “My Contacts Backup”

Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

There are several apps available which can be used to transfer contacts without needing the help of any computer. Firstly, download and open the app on your iOS Phone. Then, the app will ask you for your permission to access the contacts app to which you shall agree. Then tap “Backup.” Then tap “email” to attach the .vcf file to an e-mail and forward it to your Gmail account. Then, open the email on your Android phone and download the very same file followed by importing the contact files to your new phone. Using a VCF file, you can selectively choose the contacts you wish to import or select the entire contact list.

4) Using Gmail

If you’re an avid user of Google services, then this method shall be most useful. Firstly, open iCloud on your computer and choose the name of the contacts you wish to save. You specify which contacts you want to save or select all using the gear-like icon at the bottom left. Then, press the gear button and select the export vCard. Now, your PC will be downloading the file containing all the contacts you exported.

Then, log in to your email account through Google and click on the Gmail logo. Then proceed to select the list of contacts. Tap the “more” option in the dropdown-like menu in the contacts app and choose to import. Select import once again and the contacts will get synced to your Android mobile linked to this account automatically.

5) Export Your Contacts To Your Email Using iTunes

This method is useful if you’re running on IOS 4.0 or lower as the other methods are no longer applicable since most applications will have compatibility issues with those versions of iOS and iCloud didn’t exist at that time. Firstly, download iTunes and then open it. Followed by connecting your iOS Phone to your computer. Check your handset’s mobile’s info in the summary tab and then tap on the “info” option. Then open your Google account by typing in your Account’s username and password and then clicking on the “apply” option. It is pivotal that you ascertain that your android mobile is connected to Gmail account linked with your phone before allowing Google to sync all your contacts to the Android device you possess.

6) Using “CopyTrans Contacts”

Download the app and then install it on your computer, for any help you can always check the guide which will help you with the installation procedure. Open the app and plug in your IOS phone. You will see that the contacts of your IOS Phone will be posted in the program’s main window. Choose those contacts that you want to transfer from your IOS phone to your Android, or you can transfer all your IOS Phone contacts to your new Android by simply ticking the box the next to “Contacts.” You specify the contacts number you wish by ticking the box next to every contact. Then click the “export selected” button. After that, a fresh window will pop up which will come with different choices. Select “Android (VCF files)” option. Now, navigate your way to the position of your local hard disk where you want to place the contacts and then click on OK. You will see that the iPhone contacts have been saved in your computer as numerous vCard files in the location you chose previously. You can now connect your Android device into your computer, and it will pop up as an external disk drive or a removable disk drive. Now, copy or move the folder which you had exported your contacts into your Android device. Get back to the Android phone and move to your “contacts” or “people” app. Find the “More” option and tap on it. Followed by tapping on the “settings” button. Finally, tap on the “import/export contacts” and then selecting the vCard files from device storage and then, check all the contact files from your mobile phone storage and click “done.” That’s it; you are done with transferring your contacts from your iPhone to your Android.

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No matter how many contacts you have, you should not be going through an ordeal to transfer your contacts to your new phone. With the forward matching of digitisation, there come several more apps and services which makes the procedure all the easier. Contacts form the basic requirement and most essential also in today’s day and age.

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