How to Turn on Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature in Series 4


Apple recently launched the Apple Watch series 4 and we are surprised with the new update and features of series 4 Apple Watch that is Fall detection feature. Well, if you are thinking it will stop from taking a spill, then you are wtong but this feature can help you get alert people around you that you need quick help and assistance if you have heart yourself badly due to falling on the floor or ground.

Here is a small twist, If you are youn and have proper diet daily then your Apple Watch is not going to alert anybody, you need to be of 65 Years atleast to use this feature. Confused? We are sure you got confused.

how to Turn on Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature in Series 4

It was a shock to us and everyone who loves Apple Watch because to use the fall detection feature you need to be atleast 65 years old. Now the question is how can young people use this feature? Is it that they will never fall or have an accident? You can turn on this feature in Apple’s health app.

The fall detection feature will automatically detect that you have fallen on the ground and soon Apple watch series 4 will ask you if you’re OK.  If you by any chance had a very hard hit at the ground and you are not moving, Apple has described how the Apple Watch will handle the situation.

“If your Apple Watch detects that you’re immobile for about a minute, it begins a 15-second countdown, while tapping you on the wrist and sounding an alert. The alert gets louder, so that you or someone nearby can hear it. When the countdown ends, your Apple Watch automatically contacts emergency services. Then it sends a message to your emergency contacts with your location letting them know that Apple Watch detected a hard fall and dialed emergency services.”

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How to turn on Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature if you are not 65 years old

Sadly, your new Apple Watch does not have Fall detection featured set on automitacle or by default. We know this is a very useful feature for younger and older generation people, but what we think is if you fall on the ground then your Apple Watch should be able to help you quickly.

Turning on fall detection is not at all difficult, All you have to do is pull up Apple watch app on your iPad or iPhone. Now scroll down to “Emergency SOS,” and then tap on it and then enable Fall detection.

We were shocked to know that Apple Watch does not prompt you to setup this feature when you are starting a new Apple Watch nor you will have any idea about this feature and how to turn on fall detection in Apple Watch. So just go ahead and setup an emergency contact in the Health app and make the most of Fall detection in Apple Watch.

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