How to Use iMessage For PC And Windows Computer


Are you looking for iMessage for PC? There is no doubt arguing that Apple has one of the best-operating systems across OS. Not only apples operating system is robust intuitive and beautiful but is also utterly useful in various ways. An OS becomes complete only when it has all the necessary elements incorporated directly into it. The way an OS handles messaging is one of the very important factors. Every OS more or less handles this task well, but certainly, the mother is on par as of now when it comes to Apple iMessage in iOS.

iOS is a closed source OS, which translates, not everyone can use its features unless he/she purchase an iPhone. An iPhone has iMessage running natively which restricts only iPhone users to use its features. So if you wish to use the high technological offering of iOS you necessarily don’t have to purchase an iPhone with hundreds of dollars. There are other ways too. You can use the iMessage through your PC and windows computer. So search no more for how to use iMessage for PC and iMessage for Windows.

How to use iMessage for pc & Windows computer

Trying to use iMessage on a Windows PC isn’t a very rare case as many folks often have this question of how to use iMessage in PC. The windows aren’t supposed to run iMessage as natively as OS X or iOS, but of course one can have the basic functionalities which make the iMessage so useful and so special. Using iMessage for Windows is also not the most straightforward way of using it rather something between adoption and ability to do. Below is the step by step guide for using a message on Windows PC.

  •    You have to start with an iMac with iMessage installed and iMessage for Windows PC.
  •    The second step will be to download the Chrome and remote desktop in your Windows PC as well as in the Mac.
  •    After installing the application launch it
  •    This step is you need to Mac where you have to download host installer Remote Desktop
  •    After downloading install the application on your Mac.
  •    This is the last step, and you are good to go after that, by just using the code and connecting on both the computers.  

Enjoy iMessage for PC.

In Many Ways, There Is Also another Way to Enjoy iMessage on PC, That Is By Jailbreak The iPhone

There is another method by which you will get an iMessage for PC, while a little difficult but is also useful.

You have to start by jailbreaking your iPhone with installing software which is called Cydia. It is a culmination of software that comes into use after your iPhone is jailbroken.

After the Cydia is downloaded, the next step will be to download an app with $4 called the Remote Messages, for setting up the interface web-based. After this, you have to join to an interface web-based with your iPhones IP address which you will get in the iPhone browser, along with “333”.  

The Jailbreak iPhone might seem a bit topsy-turvy, but the in-app guidelines make it quite easy. Remotely accessing the iMessage on Windows PC has never been easier.

Another Way Of Using iMessage Remotely On PC Is By Using The Free Emulator.

The Step By Step Guide Is Giving Below

  1. Start by visiting the, from where you will be able to download the emulator for free.
  2. Install a file on PC using the extension.exe
  3. Next start emulator.
  4. Accept terms and the conditions to continue.
  5. After the Software is successfully installed on PC, launch it.
  6. in the service bar, search for the iMessage.
  7. The final step is to download an Apple messenger application and launch.

Now you are ready to access the iMessage on the PC.

Access The iMessage Via History In Windows PC

Among the various ways of accessing iMessage for PC, if there is another way you must consider using, at least consider using. The way is simply to get iMessage history on your windows computer from the iPhone via 3rd party device. This is considered one of the least bothering ways of doing the same. D-Port iMyFone Data Exporter is the tool for accessing iMessage on PC.

  • Choosing File Types which you require to Export. After downloading, install the D-Port iMyFone on Windows and launch it. After launching from the iOS device click start. Next, you will be prompted to select file type which you will Export.
  • After connecting your iPhone to PC, scan the device by clicking scan button.
  • Preview as well as export the data from iPhone. After the scanning is done, iMessages on your device will show up. Check all files by individually clicking them and choosing the desired. Finally, click EXPORT button in the right corner. A window will pop up and will drop you located would you like to store iMessage files on the computer.

A Browser-Based iMessage Experience, On PC

You can access the iMessage on PC. Don’t search iMessage for PC (Mac), anymore as we have got you covered. Although iMessage could be used in Mac rather easily as from mountain lion onwards, Apple has made iMessage a native app, but when it comes to windows, it is a bit tricky.

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Video on how to use iMessage on PC

Using iMessage On The Mac

Start with verifying the application in the spotlight search “messages.” If you don’t have it installed, and if you are running OS Mountain Lion 10.8 you can download it easily from Mac app store.  After you have downloaded messages and your Mac and have finished signing in with your Apple ID and password, the app will automatically download and sync if any previous conversations through your Apple ID. You can dance pick up where you have left.

Once all the nitty gritty is met, you are set to rock using the internet and messages.

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