iOS 11.4 Beta for iPhone and iPad Released


iOS 11.4 Beta Developer has been released just after few days after the release of  iOS 11.3 which was released after 2 month of proper testing. Lot of new features were added including battery health, Four new Animojis, Business chat, performance settings and health settings. Also a small upgrade to ARKit was seen.

We were waiting for 2 features since the launch of iOS 11 that were still missing – Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2. well, Both the features were seen in the Beta version but were excluded from the final version which was released. We feel that those features will not be added in iOS 12 as it’s release is set for this fall which means iOS 11 will have yet another point release.

Points that we know about iOS 11.4 Beta

Progress of iOS 11.4 beta till now, It’s release date how you can join the beta program and install the beta version of iOS 11.4

What’s in the all new iOS 11.4 Beta?

On March 27 at Apple’s education event, The company announced 2 new amazing initiatives : ClassKit API and Schoolwork app. The Schoolwork app is made exclusively for the teachers to make assignments and take out information easily which will help in taking track of every student’s information in the app.Class Kit API is for developers of educational related apps, It will allow them to designate different information and activities in the apps so it makes easy for teachers to use it with the Schoolwork app.

classkit iOS 11.4

We hope these Classkit and Schoolwork app will be added to the iOS 11.4 update. We hope apple launches this before the school year starts in the fall.

AirPlay 2 & HomePod stereo in iOS 11.4

Airplay 2 was included in the iOS 3 beta but just before the final release it was removed and we are hoping that this time in the 11.4 update they will include the AirPlay 2 which has the ability to use two HomePod speakers at a time in a stereo configuration.

AirPlay 2 iOS 11.4 beta

We are eagerly waiting for the sweet multi-room audio in AirPlay 2.

Messages in iCloud

Well, we are eagerly waiting for Apple to add this feature since a long time. This was to be included in the iOS 11.3 release but was not included in the final release. But the good news is that, If reports are to be believed, Messages in iCloud might be added in the iOS 11.4 this time as it is already in the developer beta testing phase 1.

iOS 11.4 Release date

iOS 11.4 was released on April 2nd and if we track the frequency of release dates of Apple products then it might be between 30 to 60 days. So, you can expect the new iOS to be released in around May end or June mid.

ios release dates

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How can you get hands on latest iOS 11.4 beta version?

If you are into iOS development then you can get it from Apple Developer site and if you are not a developer and want to join the beta test then you can visit on your iPad or iPhone. You can join the community which will allow you to download the beta version of the latest iOS release. You will be given Beta version release just like the normal release on iOS updates.

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