iPhone 8 – 8 Things that you should know


From the house of Apple, People wait for the most for iPhone. This time, people are eagerly waiting for the next iPhone, the iPhone 8. There are many reasons behind it, and the most important reason is that it’s going to be the tenth anniversary of an iPhone. This article is for iPhone 8 – 8 things that you should know. In this article, we will let you know about the reasons why this product is so much popular.

iPhone 8 – 8 Things that you should know

iPhone 8 - 8 Things that you should know

1. Touch ID Feature

So if this is true, many of the users might be feeling good. The iPhone 8 is rumoured to have Finger Print optimization facility. If you’re a kind of person concerned about privacy, it’s going to be a lot beneficial to you.

2. Name!

It’s the tenth anniversary of Apple so people are also thinking about what would be the next iPhone called as. iPhone 8? iPhone X? iPhone Pro? There are many rumors. Apple can name it anything that they want. After all, it’s their product.

3. Looks

After the well-known leaker, Sunny Dickson released the images of iPhone 8, the wave of rumors in the market went higher. He released the images, in which it seems the graphical design of iPhone 8 in CAD Software.

4. Specifications

We all buy iPhone because of the ultimate specifications it offers us with. According to many sources, this time to iPhone will come with new A-Series Chipset. Thus, you will get your iPhone 8 with Apple A11 Processors.

5. A Smart Connector

It is also rumoured that the new set up of the next iPhone will consist of a Smart Connector. It will enhance the virtual features of the phone as well as can also be used for charging.

6. A More Clear Display

So moving a step ahead of HD, the next iPhone will have a clearer display. Rumors are there in the market that we could see a bump to 1920 x 1080 for the 4.7-inch model and 2560 x 1440 for the 5.5-inch model.

7. Water Proof

After making the iPhone 7 Water Resistant, Apple is aiming to make iPhone 8 a waterproof model. So if you want to take a selfie while having a shower, it’s possible now!

8. Wireless Charging!

Last, and the most interesting and needed feature. Who doesn’t hates leaving your phone so it can get charged? But not anymore, because the new iPhone 8 is rumored to have Wireless Charging feature. So you can sit on your couch and chat with your loved ones without fear of you battery draining out.

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