Top 7 iPhone 8 Features that you would love to adore


Now here is the announcement of the most awaited phone of 2017, the iPhone 8. In our present article on, Top iPhone 8 Features that you would love to adore we are going to uncover the latest features of iPhone 8. These are the must know features you must check before getting the iPhone.

Top iPhone 8 Features

Here are the top iphone 8 specifications you must know. These are the unique features that you might get with the iPhone 8. And you wouldn’t stop adoring them.

iphone 8 features

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1. Wireless Charging

Perhaps, the most expected feature of the iPhone 8 was Wireless Charging. Now there wouldn’t be any kind of worry for you to charge your phone again and again. You can easily listen to the music and have fun along. In case your battery drains out, you can easily charge it without any kind of trouble.

2. Metal Body

With the metallic body, there wouldn’t be any kind of worries for you about its durability. Even though the phone falls down, its aluminum frame will be protecting it against the sudden loads.

3. An awesome camera

And the thing people love about the Apple iPhones is the camera. The iPhone 8 camera is a 12-megapixel shooter and comes with a new Portrait Lighting mode that combines the smartphone’s flash and depth map to simulate studio lighting setups that don’t actually exist.

You can also choose in between Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting.

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4. Quicker Processing

The new Apple iphone 8 also provides us with quicker processing. It will operate quickly providing you with an ease of access. Hence, you will be availing the features at a quicker rate.

5. Attractive Design

With the attractive and sleeker design, the iPhone 8 becomes more beautiful. You will now love it more holding the iPhone 8 in your hand.

6. Better Screen

The 4.7-inch (1,334 x 750 pixels) and 5.5-inch (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) LCD screens is available in the iPhone 8. But the visibility and quality are perhaps better than iPhone 7. Want to Enjoy a New Movie on your Better Screen? visit and browse some of the best Bollywood movies you can watch today on your new iPhone!

7. No Home Button

There isn’t any kind of home button in the iPhone 8. There is it’s different alternative this time.

iPhone 8 Official Video By Apple

All these new apple iphone 8 features are completely nail-biting and for other companies, there’s gonna be a tough time handling this. Let me know which iPhone 8 specification you loved the most. I’d be more than happy to listen from you guys.

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