Why iPhone Is Costly In India Than USA? Know the Hidden Facts


Always wondered, Why iPhone Is Costly In India Than USA? Today your query will be solved, Apple fans have been increasing in India and people are just loving the iPhone. Android users are switching to iPhone and once a person uses iPhone then he never likes to go back to Android or Windows phone but the only problem with iPhone is that it comes very costly. It is not cheap and if you are living in India then an iPhone will cost you around 60,000 Rs. In this amount, you can easily make a trip to Dubai and Bangkok with a return ticket.

Why iPhone Is Costly In India Than USA?

Why iPhone Is Costly In India

Last year when iPhone 7 was released in India, According to the reserve bank of India in October 2015 1 US dollar was Rs 65.61 and in October 2016 1 US dollar was Rs 66.74. So that is 6.2{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} hike. According to the currency exchange rate, iPhone 6S is 13.7{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} more expensive than iPhone 6.

And if we compare the price on iPhone in China to India than we get a difference of $124.  In India iPhone 7 price is $1000 and in China iPhone 6s price is $832.

More taxes In India

In February last year During the budget session of Parliament, Arun Jaitley the Finance Minister announced that government will make locally manufactured Tablets and Mobile phone cheaper and will raise the excise duty on imported devices from 6{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} to 12.5{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b}.

This means that Apple increased the price of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s by around 5,000 Rs. Yes, you can put the blame on the government if you are not able to afford the iPhone.

E-commerce In India

When iPhone 4s was launched in India in November 2014, it was available Rs. 44,500 and we did not see any price drop in iPhone 4s until the launch of iPhone 5. The best thing about iPhone price is that you won’t regret buying it because the price is not coming down the very next month of its release date.

Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and Snapdeal came into the picture and they played smart, This E-commerce websites came up with huge discounts and offers. During Big Billion day at Flipkart, you could buy an iPhone 6 at a low price of 25,000 Rs if you swap your iPhone 5s with it. Paytm had a discount coupon code of 6,000 Rs.

Apple Played Mind Games

Apple never messed with the iPhone price in India but suddenly it reduced the price of iPhone 6 from the 50s to 40s and in some case, it is even lower. We all will think that a 40,000 Rs iPhone 6 is a very good deal. No, but wait Apple is still making the profit because iPhone 6 at 40,000 Rs is still much more expensive than its competitor phones (Android/Samsung). I still don’t have any idea why Apple iPhone is costly in India.

Apple Wants To Maintain a Premium Position

This is funny but to be very specific, One of the reasons for iPhone being costly in India is that Apple wants to be the most expensive phone in the Indian market LOL Apple doesn’t want to lose its aspirational and premium slot in India.

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