What to do when iPhone and iPad stuck on apple logo?


Several Apple users around the world are facing an annoying issue i.e. iPhone stuck on Apple logo while restoring or updating the device. Well, being an Apple user, if you are facing the same issue i.e. iPad stuck on Apple logo then this article is surely for you as we are going to elaborate what needs to be done to troubleshoot this issue. There’s no need to be worried while facing this issue at the time of restarting the device. This is nothing but a technical glitch which can be solved easily.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo

iPhone stuck on Apple logo?

Before getting into the solution of this problem, it is better to know the exact reason lies behind this technical glitch. Let’s have a quick view of the probable reasons in the following:

Upgrading to the newly launched iOS 11

  • Jailbreaking the iOS may cause this problem due to alteration of several pre-built software
  • Just after restoring the iPhone from the iTunes or the iCloud, you may experience the iPhone frozen on Apple logo.
  • At the time of installing regular updates as well as restoring the iPhone may lead to this scenario.
  • Sometimes, this is occurred due to hardware failure of the iPhone. Problems related to the wire which connects the mother board to the display are responsible for this scenario.

While facing this issue, you will have nothing in your mind to get rid of the same. That’s why we are going to elaborate few tricks which can instantly solve your problem. Let’s check out those techniques one by one in the following:

  • Restart the iPhone: The easiest solution for this problem is restarting the iPhone when you are facing the same. Though earlier generation of iPhone is easily be restarted by pressing and holding the on/off button followed by sliding on the display, now a day few variations is observed in few models of iPhone. Some of the variations are described in the following:iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: While using any of these 2 smartphones, you have to press and hold the on/off button simultaneously with the volume down button for 10 seconds approximately in order to perform the restarting process.

    iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: Being quite complex, here you have to release the volume up button just after quick pressing it then you have to do the same with the volume down button. Now as the last step, you have press & hold the button which is situated on the side of the device.

Being the most common trick, if the above trick remains unable to solve your problem then following the other steps will be the wise decision.

  • Using Recovery mode of the device: If the iPhone frozen, try to recover the device to the factory setting and installing the latest iOS. This recovery process can easily be performed by recover the device settings from iTunes.
  • Using device firmware update: Being an advanced technique, computer will be required to perform this technique. Though this technical glitch is solely related with the boot-loader of the iPhone, that’s why bypassing the same while booting the device will be the perfect solution to troubleshoot the same. While undergoing this technique recovering your iPhone from any type of state is damn easy. Just follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:As the initial step, execute the iTunes program on your computer and connect your
    iPhone to the computer.

    It’s time to turn of the iPhone which you want to restore. If the iPhone stuck on Apple logo and you will not be able to turn off the same then you should to hold the wake/sleep button of the iOS device till the light of the display turned off. Just after the turning off the display, it is required to hold the off/on button of the device for 3 seconds.

    While holding that on/off button, touch the Home button also. In case, you are a user of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, the holding the volume down button will be required to simultaneously with the off/on button of the respective device.

    After holding both the button at least for 10 seconds, you have to leave the on/off
    button but keep holding the home button of the device.

  • If the completely black screen is visible to you then it is the positive sign which means that you have accessed into the DFU mode.
  • Now check the pop up window of the iTunes which is asking you to restore the iPhone frozen on Apple logo. In this stage, you will get the chance to restore the iPhone to the factory or restore the same from the Apple logo.

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Though it is also a perfect technique to get rid of an iPhone frozen on Apple logo, if you have not any previous back then you will not be able to perform this technique. Apart from this, if you are getting error message while restoring the iPhone, all your effort will go in vain. In that case following the below technique will surely rescue you from this hazard.

Using dr.fone for iOS recovery: This process consists few subsequent steps which are as follows:

  • Just launch the dr.fone and select the ‘Repair’ option from its displayed menu.
  • Now it’s the right time to connect the iPhone to the PC via data cable and wait until the iOS is being detected by the dr.fone.
  • As soon as the iOS gets detected click on the ‘Start’ button and you are ready enter into the DFU mode to troubleshoot the iPhone stuck on Apple logo.
  • Just follow the step mentioned in the earlier technique for entering the DFU mode.
  • Upon entering the same, select the model of iPhone which you are using and allow the dr.fone to perform the download of the latest firmware compatible with the iOS version.
  • Now, the dr.fone will automatically perform the repair task to solve the iPhone frozen issue and you will be able to use the device just after restarting the same.

It’s all about the different techniques which need to be followed to trouble the iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue. Choose any of those techniques and give us your feedback in the comment box below.

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