iPhone vs Android – Why to buy an iPhone


The battle between iPhone vs Android Phones is going since a long time. And it will carry on till the eternity. The present article, iPhone vs Android – Why to buy an iPhone is an addition to it. In this article, we will explain some of the points that why the users must prefer buying an iPhone instead of an Android Phone.

iPhone vs Android – Why to buy an iPhone

iPhone vs Android

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Camera Quality

The quality of the Camera of an iPhone is far better than that of Android Phone. In the iPhone, you will get High Definition pictures, which you will love to Adore.

Life of the Product

iPhone generally run for a longer time period, when we compare it with the Android Phones. An Android phone runs hardly for 2 years, while you can use iPhone easily for almost 5 years time period.


In the battle of iPhone vs Android Phones, the reliability of the iPhone is far more than that of the Android Phones. You can trust the performance of your iPhone as it never breaks down easily.

Brand Name

Hold an iPhone in your hand and hold an Android Phone. And see the difference. An iPhone establishes your better image in front of people, rather than an Android Phone.

Audio Quality

The Audio quality of the iPhone is unmatchable with the Android. You will find the real life music experience with the iPhone which isn’t possible with the Android Phone.

Extra Features

You get many kinds of full proof extra features with the iPhone. Which are far better than the Android Phones.


It is easy to access the Android Phone from anywhere. But to access iPhone of someone else is a tough task without their permission.

Virus Proof

Due to the Connectivity policy, iPhone doesn’t have features which easily connects with the other devices. And because of this, the issue of Virus infection isn’t found in the iPhones.

Issue of Hanging

Have you ever heard that my iPhone hangs frequently? No. Have you ever heard that my Android Phone hangs frequently? Yes, Plenty of times.

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