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Looking for an iPhone X review?

Well if the answer is yes then we are here to help you out. Apple had introduced their latest device the iPhone X or iPhone ten in September. Since then to now there are quite a lot of negative and positive views going around. For some people, it turned out to be a joke and for some, it is one of the best Apple devices. However, no matter what type of views people sharing around the globe. There is one thing that Apple made it clear with their latest device is that they have come up with a next generation device.

As Apple vision was always to make a smartphone that comes with the entire screen. With the Apple iPhone X, the company converted their vision of entire screen smartphone to reality. With the iPhone X Apple not just introduced a fresh design but erased the traditional unlock feature touch ID. Right now the latest Apple device is up for sale at the Apple Stores around the globe. Also, the device is exclusively available on all the major eCommerce websites. However just in case if you are planning to get the smartphone then here is our iPhone X Review.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much time:

iPhone X Review:

Before launching the iPhone X there were quite a lot of rumors and delays in the launch date. But the device is finally here. In a statement, Apple said, “it’s a complete reimagining of what the iPhone should be, 10 years after the original revolutionized the world.” This statement by Apple simply means the iPhone Ten the company has made quite a lot of changes and it is completely different from all the iPhones that we used to see.With the Apple iPhone X, the company not just introduced a new generation of smartphones. But with iPhone X the company started a beginning for next generation devices.

iphone x review

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For a really long time, we have seen a similar design for the iPhones. But with the iPhone X, the company completely presented a design that we have never seen before. According to The Verge, The Design of the iPhone is gorgeous, but it’s not flawless. To attract the attention apple not just changed the design of front panel but they have made the rear camera panel little huge. And the huge camera panel is enough to capture the attention.

However, there is no headphone jack with the Apple iPhone X and it feels like the company is never going to bring back the headphone jack. On the front panel, there is a bezel less display one of such things that every smartphone manufacturer doing nowadays with their devices. However, at the top of the display, there is a notch. Which making people look at the iPhone X twice. Around the corners, there is a pretty round shaped design. Also, you are getting the volume buttons, mute switch and power switch on and off buttons around the sides of the iPhone X.


According to the Digital Trends “The iPhone X is the iPhone to buy this year.”. They have probably said so because of the amazing design and OLED display. Talking about the OLED display, the Apple iPhone X sports a 5.8-inch bezel less screen. The resolution of the display is 2,436 x 1,125-pixel and it comes with 458 PPI or Pixels per inch. The display is razor sharped and the colors are vibrant. With the iPhone X, it is super easy to read through the display under the direct sunlight. The Digital Trends also have mentioned that the display is so amazing and user-friendly that “You’ll have a hard time pulling your eyes away from this screen.”

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Apple iPhone cameras are always one of such iPhone thing that people always look while getting new Apple device. Talking about the iPhone X cameras, the device sports similar camera as the iPhone 8 and the photos taken from both of the devices looks exactly the same. At the rear panel of the iPhone X, there are two optically stabilized 12-megapixel cameras. One of the rear cameras comes with a f/1.8 wide angle lens, and the other one comes with a f/2.4 telephoto lens. With the dual camera setup on the iPhone X, an user will be able to capture 6X zoom videos in 4K format. The user also will be able to take photos in Portrait Mode. The rear camera on the iPhone X also offers colors accuracy, lots of detail in images and so on. With the front facing camera, Apple also has introduced a 7-megapixel camera which is capable of taking portrait mode photos.


If you are one of such heavy smartphone user then the battery of an iPhone might make you feel sad. The battery life of the iPhone X is average. Also, it may take a little bit time to get charged up. So just in case if you are a heavy smartphone user consider carrying a power bank. The iPhone X also comes with wireless fast charging feature. So just get a charging pad and you will be able to charge your device in a wireless way.

Face ID and Animojis:

Face ID did kill the traditional Touch ID. With the Apple iPhone X, the company has introduced their new unlock system the Face ID. The new unlock system helps you to unlock the iPhone X by just looking at it. However, you can not say it that the face ID is a great alternative to the touch ID. Of course its secure than the touch ID. But you will face issues with the apps that know about the touch ID and not about the face ID. There is quite a lot of apps on the Apple Store which are not yet optimized for the iPhone X so you will face some issues.

Talking about the Animojis, the iPhone X comes with  3D-mapping sensors and cameras for the Animoji. Just open the messaging app and over there you will see an option of sending an animated emoji or an Animoji. The Animoji feature tracks your facial expressions and surprisingly the results are accurate. You can send the Animojis to anyone. Even the android users will be able to see the Animoji as it comes out as a video file. Also this one of the craziest thing we have found in our iPhone X review.

Top reasons to buy the iPhone X:

There are quite a lot of reason why you should get an iPhone X, well just in case if you are wondering what are those reasons then read on.

Great Selfies:

With the iPhone X, you will be able to get capture better selfies. The iPhone X selfie camera comes with an Image Signal Processor which is designed to improve pixel processing, low-light auto-focus, and noise reduction. The front facing camera also offers portrait mode which will help you to get better brighter and attractive selfies.

Speedy User Interface:

The iPhone X comes with an A11 Bionic Processor which makes switching between apps fast. Playing heavy games like Monument Valley 2, Transformers: Forged to Fight on the iPhone X would be a smooth experience. With the iPhone X Apple also have introduced a new way to interact with the smartphones. Earlier we used to interact with the device using the home button but with the iPhone X there is a new way to navigate the device.

iPhone X Review and Price – Final Thoughts:

The iPhone X comes with two storage variants. One of them is the 64GB variant and the other one is the 256GB variant. The iPhone X 64Gb variant holds a price tag of $999.00 and the iPhone X 256GB variant holds a price tag of $1.149.00. However, the pricing will be different for each and every country based on Tax amount. There is also two color option avilable for the iPhone X, Silver and Space Grey. With the Box content of the Apple iPhone X, you will be getting a charging adapter and charging cable. Also you will get an earphone and earphone jack adapter. However, the adapter that comes with the retail box will not be a fast charger. If you want a fast charger for the iPhone X you have to get the fast charger separately. Also, there will be no wireless charging pad, so you have to buy the wireless charging pad additionally.

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