Microsoft Access for Mac – Complete Guide in 2020


Want to Get Microsoft Access on Mac? But not sure how to get Microsoft Access for Mac? If yes, then I am here to help you out. Microsoft Access is a database management system coming from Microsoft. And it is widely used for keeping track of different data. However, the only thing wrong with this application is that it is not available for Mac.

Of course, you get other applications like MS Word and Excel for Mac. But as of now, there is no Microsoft access for Mac available. So the question is how to get Microsoft access for Mac?

Get Microsoft Access for Mac – Top Microsoft Access Alternatives For Mac

Microsoft Access for Mac

Well, in this case, you can try using Microsoft access alternatives out. As there is no direct way to use Microsoft access on an Apple ecosystem. So let’s just go ahead and check Microsoft access alternatives for Mac:


Knack is one of the most powerful and simple to use Microsoft access that you can try out. This one is a cloud based solution. But it works better than any other solution for Mac. Also, working with this application is pretty easy.

With this one, you will easily be able to create databases from scratch. Or speed things up by using one of the database templates. You will also be able to define the data in the simplest form. Plus, you can structure your data with fields and then connect it all together.

However, this software is not free to use. Instead, you will need to purchase one of its plans.

Ninox Database

Next, there is the Ninox Database. If you are looking for a native application for the database creation, then this is one of the most powerful software you can check out. This one is a slick database creation software for Mac.

However, it cannot import Microsoft access files on macOS. Instead, it has advanced mechanics behind database creation. As a result, this software is more accessible than Microsoft access.

Using this software is also extremely easy. Plus, it comes with database templates for different tasks. Also, this software is not free. Instead, you will need to purchase it before you start using it.


The next Microsoft Access for Mac alternative that you can check out is Wizard. This one is a superb alternative to Mac, and it is extremely easy to create a database and analyze data. Wizard is capable of importing Microsoft Access MDB files along with DBF, Excel, Apple Numbers, SQLite, and so on.

This software is an ideal choice for data analysis, statistics, visualization. Furthermore, the software is extremely easy to use. As it is not really technical. So the users can also start using this powerful tool.

Also, just like any other software, this one is also not free. So go ahead and check out the plans offered by Wizard.

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Access Database Manager

The Access Database Manager is one of the perfect solutions if you would like to work with MS Access files only. The software not just allows you to open MS Access files. But you can also edit the files. And the software supports up to 200 files and upwards allows you to filter, sort, export, and more.

As well as the software has an extremely affordable price. And by unlocking the software by making a purchase, you will be able to get extra features. Like you will be able to update table row data, add new tables, create databases, import CSV data, and so on.

MDB Tool

You can also check out the MDB tool. This allows you to export data directly into SQL or CSV and open it in Excel. This one is one of the simplest ways to open database files on Mac. But the drawback is that this software also has quite a lot of limitations.

Plus, the software only works with Databases in Access 2007 or below. This means you will not be able to work with MS Access 2010/2013 files. The software is also suitable for small databases. However, it can also open large databases too. But it will take a lot of time.


The MDB ACCDB Viewer is capable of opening Access Files in both the old .mdb format and the newer .accdb format at no extra cost or hustle. Also, the best part is that this software is extremely quick compared to any other application which handles large databases.

You can search your data, and it comes with extensive documentation for exporting to other apps such as numbers and OpenOffice. SQL export can be a bit messy with this application. But it works pretty smoothly with MDB and ACCDB format.

ACCDB MDB Explorer

Up next, I have the ACCDB MDB Explorer. This software is developed by the same one who developed the MDB explorer. However, the ACCDB MDB Explorer is more powerful, and it allows you to access tables from Multiple ACCDB, MDB, ACCDE, and MDE databases without Access to your Mac.

This one is also capable of converting databases to TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, and SQL for use in applications such as MySQL, Oracle, and other database software. However, you should keep the thing in mind that it is only designed for viewing and exporting tables.


In the end, I have the MDBLite. It is the simplest and the most limit option that you can try out. It has certain drawbacks, and among them, one is that it only works with Access 2003 files. It does not work with 2007 or higher.

The only way to open Access 2007 files with MDBLite is to export them to the 2003 format. However, apart from all the cons. The software is extremely easy to use. Just drag and drop the MDB files into the MDBLite, and it will automatically convert MDB databases to SQLite.

Final Words:

So that was the answer to your question on how to get Microsoft Access for Mac. Now go ahead and check these alternatives out and see how it is working for you.

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