All you need to know about iPhone 8: Specs, Display, Price


Good news for all iPhone lovers. Today I will mention the points related to All you need to know about iPhone 8: Specs, Display, Price. I know many iPhoneoholics are waiting for the launch of iPhone 8 so that they can buy it, here I am going to present you all the recent update about iPhone 8.

All you need to know about iPhone 8: Specs, Display, Price

According to sources, iPhone 8 will be launch in the mid of September 2017, the date is not yet finalized, it will have some unique features and functionalities which were not there in the previous models. It will have iOS 11. The latest model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is running on iOS 10.7.2.

There may be the delay in the launch of iPhone 8 because the developers are redesigning the model in order to make the display OLED. It will also include wireless charging. There are already many videos and images of iPhone 8 but let us see what it actually looks like.


Specifications of iPhone 8:

Specifications are one of the major factors which we look for when we have to buy a new smartphone and similarly we are expecting good features which are not there in iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. Let us look at the top 10 specifications of iPhone 8.

  1. The home button will be embedded with the display and the touch ID will be located at the back side of the phone.
  2. There will be an LG’s new sensor which will help in face recognition or iris scanning for security purpose.
  3. OLED display having the curved body.
  4. Wireless Charging.
  5. Camera with dual lens, having a vertical configuration and includes AR capabilities.
  6. Apple Pencil. Exclusively in iPhone 8.
  7. Glass body.
  8. Memory storage – 64 GB and 3GB RAM.
  9. Cost – $850 (approx. – 55,000).
  10. iOS 11.



Launch Date of iPhone 8:

The launch date of iPhone 8 is yet to be disclosed.The “S” series will in September or in November. In 2018, next model will be launched.

About iOS 11

If its iOS 11, then there may be some advanced functionalities. In iPhone 8, there will be few changes in Siri, the smartphone will be smarter, eye-catching layouts with changes in the lock screen.

Upgraded Display

iPhone 7, iPhone 7s are running with LCD technology but iPhone 8 will have OLED display that means more clarity and users will definitely enjoy watching videos, movies on OLED display.


Having these amazing features and functionalities, we hope that we have all the details regarding All you need to know about iPhone 8: Specs, Display, Price

Buy iPhone 8 and use it. Explore features of iPhone 8 and give the developers a positive review.

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