Notepad for Mac: 10 Free Alternatives to Use


Switching from Windows to Mac can be challenging for some people. There are a lot of differences between the Mac OS and Windows. Moreover, for someone who has used Windows for most of their lifetime switching to Mac can take a few days to get comfortable. However, we are here to help you out and will try our best to make your switch easier. In this article, we will guide you to choose the best free alternatives of Notepad for Mac.

Top 10 Free Alternatives of Notepad for Mac

Notepad on Windows is a piece of bundled software which most of us have used at one point. It is a text editor that comes with basic needs. Plus, the best part is it is free of cost. If you want to write something, like an essay or maybe a piece of code to run later then you will obviously need a text editor. However, Notepad is not available on Mac OS. Another hugely popular text editor on Windows, Notepad++ is also not available on Mac. Notepad++ offers the ability to highlight syntax and various other features for coding. But that is not a huge deal as Mac OS has a lot of amazing alternatives. Below are the top 10 free alternatives of Notepad for Mac.

1. TextEdit

top 10 alternatives of Notepad for mac

If you are looking for a very simple text editor or a word processor like Notepad or Wordpad then the closest thing available on Mac OS is TextEdit. The application comes bundled with Mac OS X and later versions. Moreover, it is free to use. TextEdit lets you create and edit all kinds of text documents. You can also edit and style text, check the spelling of words, create tables and lists, import graphics, work with HTML, and even add music and movie files.

TextEdit is very simple and it has all these basic features. However, if you want to do something more than basic. Like writing or editing codes then TextEdit is not that useful. It will not highlight the syntaxes and you will not receive any suggestions as well. Moreover, the UI also looks very outdated. The next app in our list is useful for the developers and also for other people as well.

2. Atom

Top 10 alternatives of Notepad for Mac

If you have used Notepad++ on Windows, then Atom is one the best alternatives of Notepad for Mac. Atom is an opensource application and it is completely free to use. Moreover, the text editor is developed by the GitHub Team and it is really powerful. Atom is also very flexible and you can change almost anything. There are different types of themes available and you can select whichever you want to customize the look and feel. You can also customize an Atom with Javascript and HTML as per your requirements. You can also select from many different programming languages available. As the app is managed by the GitHub team you can be sure that the app will receive updates in the future.

3. Sublime Text

If you want to write codes on your Mac text editor then there are chances that you have heard about Sublime Text. Sublime Text is widely used by the developers and like Atom is a very robust and flexible text editor. On Sublime Text you can highlight syntax, select different programming languages and can do much more. Sublime Text also comes with a dark theme for the dark theme lovers. Also, you can install packages as per your needs from the application itself.

Sublime Text and Atom are very similar when it comes to Text editors. They both offer a high level of usability and customizability and that’s why both applications are on our list of top 10 Free Alternatives of Notepad for Mac.

4. MacVim Text Editor

If you have used Unix then you will probably know about Vim. Vim is a very powerful text editor available on Unix and it is widely used as well. MacVim is the clone of Vim for MacOS and the best part is it works flawlessly. All the plugins of Vim work with MacVim as well. Furthermore, there is a huge community to answer all of your questions.

5. Brackets

Brackets is a popular and free text editor available for macOS. It is mainly focused for the web developers. Thus if you work on front end development or planning to learn web development then Brackets can be a great option for you. The application is developed by Adobe. It is an open-source project and has a great community supporting Bracket.

6. TextMate

Top 10 alternatives of Notepad for MacOS

TextMate is another application in our list of top 10 Free Alternatives of Notepad for Mac. It is lightweight yet a powerful option for writing codes on your Mac. TextMate offers Clipboard history, custom themes, live HTML/Markdown preview, foldable code blocks, etc. Moreover, there’s also an option for file search which can be handy at times.

7. TextWrangler

If you are on a hunt for a clean and high-performance text editor then you can try TextWrangler. It offers a clean and smart interface along with a lot of features to help in writing codes and texts.

8. JEdit

JEdit is another free text editor for Mac which comes with a lot of features. The unique thing about JEdit is that you can various keyboard shortcuts to make your coding faster. Furthermore, you can also try out the split-screen option available on JEdit to maximize your workflow.

9. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is developed by Microsoft and it is great for coding and editing on macOS. It supports text highlighting for more than 30 languages, lightning-fast source code editor, Git control and much more. There is also autocomplete with IntelliSense. You can download and install the Visual Studio Code for free.

10. Komodo Edit

If you are searching for a lightweight TextEditor then Komodo Edit can be a great option for you. You can add repositories from GitHub to add extensions and themes to Komodo. It also comes with that is similar to Pastebin websites.

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This was our list of top 10 free alternatives of Notepad for Mac. Do note that the applications are not ranked in any order. These are just the top 10 alternatives as per our choice. So, which TextEditor did you choose for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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