Reasons Why You Should Not Jailbreak Your iPhone


Many a time you need to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to access many more features. Features such as more Themes, Customization, Messaging on Steroids and much more. People will give you many reasons why you must Jailbreak your iPhone. In this article, Why you should not Jailbreak your iPhone we will tell you, in brief, about 5 different reasons why you shouldn’t Jailbreak.

is jailbreaking worth it

1. The process is full of Bugs

As soon as the new Jailbreak comes out, the earlier versions seem full of bugs. These bugs get removed in the next releases. Thus, cycle by cycle it repeats. So it is recommended to the user that they wait a bit before Jailbreaking your iPhone. At least few days or weeks.

2. Jailbreak Tool is Made in China

The Pangu Tool which you use to Jailbreak your iPhone is of China Made. Creditability of the China products is always questioned. Apart from that, the terms and conditions are still in their language. So you wouldn’t be able to know what you are accepting. So basically you will be unable to know the notices, warning, and the error messages.

3. Jailbreak Tool demands your Apple ID and Password

Alright, now this is the thing which seems a bit fishy. Why would a third party application demand your Apple ID as well as Password in order to proceed with jailbreak application installation? Your security is at its stake. No one will recommend it. But if you still want to proceed we would recommend you to create a dummy Apple ID!

4. It can be operated only on Windows

So again an obstacle. If you are a Mac user and you don’t have access to Window features. Then in order to Jailbreak your iPhone, you have to resort the settings in your Window Virtual Machine. Although, there are many existing methods to Jailbreak your iPhone without a desktop. But the jailbreak application is Window based only.

5. Not compatible with iOs 10 Beta

Finally, the main reason Why you should not Jailbreak your iPhone. The Pangu Tool isn’t compatible with iOs 10 Beta. You can’t jailbreak if your system is above 9.3.3 So if you’re a user of iOS 10, then jailbreaking isn’t an option for you.

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