Rise, Dawn and Importance of iOS Jailbreaking


The procedure of removing the software restrictions laid by Apple with the help of software exploitations is known as iOS Jailbreaking. Although a risky process, this process provides the user with a lot of tasks to do. Which is not possible with the normal iPhone. The present article on, Rise, Dawn and Importance of iOS Jailbreaking is our narration about jailbreaking, which all the Apple iOS users must know.

iOS Jailbreaking – How did it start?

iOS Jailbreaking - How did it start?

You all might be thinking that how and why did iOS jailbreaking begin. It all started because of Apple’s silly rules of limiting the software which the user can install on their Apple device.

A group of hackers from who were writing NSA grade exploits wished for software freedom with Apple devices. And this is how it started. In the name of freedom, they granted the access of many Softwares to the Apple users. It enhanced the capabilities of an iPhone.

Freeman, the guy from those group of Hackers says,

“There was just so much fun stuff you could do—everyone jailbroke. iPhone OS 2 people still jailbroke because people wanted themes, people wanted copy-paste.

There was so much basic low hanging fruit of what everyone expects a computer or phone to have that was easy to really make all those killer things.”

It was almost 9 years ago in 2007. When the first ever iPhone was launched in the market. It was a cool appliance. But the main drawback it had was that of not being compatible with some software. Although, Apple gives the excuse of security in the answer of this drawback.

The main issue with allowing all the software in Apple device is that of a virus as well as security. Due to this reason, many users appreciate the iOS Jailbreaking.

iOS Jailbreaking is an art. With the help of this art, you can easily break the system of an iPhone and make it capable of downloading any kind of software. It provides the user with the access to the large market of applications and software. It isn’t possible with the locked iPhone.

iOS Jailbreaking – How it Happened?

The Geohot was the first unlock iPhone of the world. George Hotz, the well-known jailbreaker made this announcement on YouTube along with the video as well as step by step procedure of iOS jailbreaking. George was just 17 at that age. He jailbreaks the iPhone with the help of his Mac device in the kitchen of his home.

George complaints regarding why he did that in the following manner,

“In iPhone iOS 1.0, Apple didn’t even have a fucking game, right? Every other phone had a copy of Snake, every phone had a copy of Hangman—[Apple] didn’t even have Hangman.

the first iPhone couldn’t even set ringtone profiles or mute certain contacts at specific times of the day”

And perhaps these were the reasons, why he took this drastic step.

They announced everything on YouTube. As well as for helping out the iPhone users who were looking for tools for iOS Jailbreaking, they also started an online portal jailbreakme.com. It was an open as well as a free platform for all the users.

The main aim behind jailbreaking was just to provide the users with the facilities, which Apple doesn’t deliver.

iOS Jailbreaking – How easy it is

Apple has one of the best security systems in the world. It is tough to hack the iOS. However, for the professional hackers, it is a small task. The main reason behind that is that the hackers already have a list of programs as well as bugs which can easily help out while iOS Jailbreaking.

They have all the methods and tools ready. To jailbreak an iPhone right now, all they have to do is to plug in their iPhone in their Mac Device. Make some commands. And then their iPhone will start blinking.

After few restarts, you will see a notice that your iPhone jailbreak is done successfully.

And they were not few. There was a long list of professional hackers who were well-known for iOS Jailbreaking. There are many famous names such as the iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev, and evad3rs.

The main advantage of the iOS jailbreaking went to the customers, who got more features from Apple. Apple offered them those features in order to stop them from iOS Jailbreaking.

The early pioneers of jailbreaking helped turn the original iPhone from a feature-light phone into a powerful tool that could do many of the things our phones do today, from playing video games to tracking your bike rides.

iOS Jailbreaking – The fall of the jailbreakers

However, the earlier jailbreakers were kids who did it for their fun. Many of them are now professional hackers. They have become very much serious in life right now.

Some of them are working with the private security firms. While many of them joined Apple itself. Apple hired them so as to improve their security system. Moreover, they are also giving suggestions to Apple in order to properly provide the necessary features to the customers.

A statement of Apple where they accepted the flaws in their system and gave them a warning,

“Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed.”

However, Apple has curbed the jailbreaking issue as of now. After it became a multi-million industry.

“I’m not sure if we are the cat or the mouse,” Jobs admitted. “People will try to break in, and it’s our job to stop them breaking in.”

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