iTube Downloader and Converter: iTube Studio for Mac


iTube Studio for Mac is a very convenient way to downloading videos on a Mac computer. At times while watching videos on the internet, you must have thought it would be better if you could just download those videos and watch them whenever you want without wasting internet. Well, iTube Downloader is a great way to accomplish that.

The app allows Mac users to download videos directly from the website they are watching it on. It can easily be installed and using it is also fairly simple. This comprehensive post will explain how to download and use the app on Mac computer.

iTube Downloader – Various Methods you must know about

iTube for ios

The app provides not just one or two but three methods to download videos from websites. Users of this app can download videos from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many other websites using the extension of iTube. The first way to download videos is by clicking the download button. Copying the URL of the video in the app will also do the trick. Another method is by dragging the video URL into the iTube Downloader Application.

iTube download iPhone

The iTube application is not available for iPhone or iPad. Though it is only available for Mac, you can transfer those videos to an iPhone after converting it to a format for the iOS devices. Once you have downloaded videos on the Mac using iTube, click on the convert icon. Select the videos and then select the device. The app will convert the video to the format which will run smoothly on the device.

iTube download iOS

The iOS platform is the best for smartphones and tablets. Users watch videos on the iOS device much frequently and they constantly search for ways to download videos from YouTube and such. iTube Downloader is a great app for Apple devices to download online videos. This app has download speeds that exceeds that of other apps by as much as three times. Users can even download 4K and full HD videos on their Mac by using this app.

iTube Download iOS is possible though in a different way than usual. First, download the videos on Mac using the iTube Downloader and then convert them to the respective iOS device. After that, simply transfer them to the required iOS device.

iTube for iOS 10

The iOS 10 version of the iOS operating system for the iOS device is one of the best iterations in the platform’s history. It has some of the best features and devices such as iPhone 7 and 8 ran the iOS 10. This update of the iOS has great features, all things included. The iTube Downloader is a way to download videos from video streaming websites like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, etc on the iOS 10.

Users can even record videos from streaming portals such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. The app is not officially available for iOS 10 but one can transfer the videos from a Mac after downloading and converting them on iTube for iOS 10.

iTube APK iOS

The word APK directly relates to the Android platform. After talking about this revered app for Apple devices, it is time to see whether the app is available on the Android platform or not. If you search for the app on Google, you will find a website which offers the iTube APK iOS but it is not the same as the official app. But the APK version is still worth trying out for Android users.

iTube Apple

The video downloader that we have seen so far is available only on the MacOS platform. But even if you have iOS or Android devices, it is possible to watch those videos on them. The original app is not available in the iTunes store but you can get it from its official website. One of the great features of the app is that it can download videos and audio as the user fancies.

After installing the app on a Mac, it is pretty easy to download videos from your preferred website. The app allows downloading each and every kind of video that one may like. Once the download is complete, the user may choose to transfer it to a device of their choice. iTube Downloader supports iOS 5 and up, Android 2.0 to 8.0, and iPod OS 1.0 and 2.0.


In this post on iTube Downloader or iTube Studio, we have shown how to download the app and what it is used for. As is evident, the application has great features as a third-party app and it is a blessing for Mac users. It really makes it easier for people with Mac PC to have their favorite videos in one place and access them anytime they want.

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