Top 10 Facetime Alternatives for iPhone Users


Voice or Video calling someone over the internet could be a great way to save call costs, especially if the other person is based in another country. In the last article, we talked about how to use Facetime on iPhone. In that article, we mentioned why Facetime is a very useful app for iPhone and iPad users. Here in this article, we will let you know the top 10 Facetime alternatives for iPhone users.

As you might already know, Facetime is just like Skype. It comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. You can voice call or video call anyone anywhere over Facetime who uses an Apple device. Moreover, international calls are also free as well as it uses your mobile data or WiFi connection.

There are a lot of alternatives available for Facetime. The main problem with Facetime is the unavailability of the app on other platforms. Thus it is not possible to call most people from one single app. As many people prefer Android over iOS. That’s why we will be mostly mentioning the apps which are cross-platform so that there won’t be any such problems.

Top 10 Facetime Alternatives for iPhone users

Below are the top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most famous apps when it comes to video or voice calling. It is definitely one of the best in its job and that is why it is in our list of top 10 Facetime alternatives for iPhone users. The most amazing part about Skype is, it is available almost on every big platform. Starting from Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS Skype has got all of it covered. Furthermore, a year back Skype got quite a big design change and it looks pretty nice and there’s support for dark mode as well.

You can download Skype from here

2. WhatsApp Messenger

top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users

WhatsApp messenger has been there both on the AppStore and Google Play for a long time. The instant messaging app is very famous around the world and a few years back Facebook acquired WhatsApp. Since then, WhatsApp has added a lot of other features. The Video Calling and Voice Calling are among many such features. WhatsApp uses your internet connection to place VoIP calls. You can also video call someone over WhatsApp. However, unlike Facetime, the group video call feature of WhatsApp is not that good. The group video call can happen only in between four people including the host.

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You can download WhatsApp from here

3. Facebook Messenger

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook’s own messenger app can also be used for VoIP calls and video calls. The best part of Facebook Messenger is that you don’t need to have someone in your contacts to call them. You can just add them on Facebook or messenger itself to start voice or video calling. Also, more than four people can join in a Facebook Messenger group video calls. So, if you have a group on Facebook messenger then it is the best to video chat together.

You can download Facebook Messenger from here

4. Google Duo

top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users

Google’s Duo is Google’s version of Facetime. You can use Duo to make video calls across Android as well as iOS. Moreover, the connection between you and the other person is also secure which is nice. Another thing which I personally like about Google Duo is the simplicity in the user interface. You just open the app and in a few touches, you will be in a video call with someone. Moreover, the call quality is pretty high.

You can download Google Duo from here

5. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is the next in our list of top 10 Facetime alternatives for iPhone users. The app is famous in South-east Asia and some parts of Europe. Viber offers secure voice and video calls. The app is also good for instant messaging and offers a lot of stickers and other functions like the dark mode which many of you like.

You can download Viber Messenger from here

6. Instagram

top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users

Instagram is another app in our list of top 10 Facetime alternatives for iPhone users. The app is owned by Facebook and it is mainly a social media app used for sharing photos and videos. The app introduced video calling feature sometime back. To video call someone on Instagram you have to open the app and then swipe left to open chats section. Now search for the person you want to call and open his/her chats. On the top-right corner, there will be a video call button. Tap that button to start a video call.

You can download Instagram from here

7. WeChat

WeChat is one of the most famous social media apps in China. It has all sorts of features from instant messaging to sharing photos and videos and more. WeChat also offers free video and voice calls through the app. In China, many apps are banned. If you know someone who leaves in China, then WeChat might be the best option for you to contact them for free.

You can download WeChat from here

8. Hangouts

Hangouts by Google is still available and it pretty much works well. The app can be used for voice and video calls over the internet. Moreover, you can also chat, share stickers, photos, and more with someone if you want to. Hangouts is available for both Android and iOS.

You can download Hangouts from here

9. imo

top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users

imo is another app which is mostly famous for video calls. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Like most other apps, you can chat and share pictures with someone as well. Also, there is group video calling available. You can download imo from here.

10. JusTalk

The final app in our list of top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users is JusTalk. The app is a pretty good video calling app with many features. There’s group video calling available as well along with some funky filters. Also, you can play games with your friends while you’re in a call. Finally, like all the other apps you can chat and share files with another person as well.

You can download JusTalk from here

So these were the top 10 facetime alternatives for iPhone users. Let us know in the comments which among these apps do you prefer to use.

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