Top 5 ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer


Everyone loves taking pictures and we are sure that even 128 GB iPhone will not be enough for you to store all the pictures that you have clicked, so we have some tips for you on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer in simple steps and keep memories alive for rest of your life. We all love taking pictures on our phone. It’s not the picture we take but the memories we recall seeing those pictures often. iPhones are well-known for their camera performance and it’s the reason why iPhones are sold the most.

Fact – Daily 1 millions selfies are taken all over the world.

From the fact it is proven that people are now using their mobile’s camera the most. Does anybody like to lose their photos? Of course, not.

Usually, people are afraid when they upgrade their phone to some other phone or when they format their device. They are afraid of the data that is being lost. Don’t worry we have some awesome techniques to keep your data safe. Keep reading.

Here are Top 5 ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer.

Move photos from iPhone to local disk from Windows Explorer


  1. Plug in your iPhone to the computer or laptop.
  2. Wait for the popup to display, asking you what you want to do with your device.
  3.  Select “View Content“.
  4.  Find the folder in which you have your photos.
  5. Simply copy the photos into your local Windows computer.

Bang! you are done.

Transfer photos using iCloud

Macbook User

You can use the amazing service provided by Apple named iCloud. Just enable iCloud in Settings tab and activate Photo Stream. Next, in your Macbook go to System Preferences -> Search for iCloud

Click on iCloud -> Select Photos

Next click on options next to Photos. After clicking on options you should be taken to this screen below.

Select My Photo Stream and now take as many photos as you want, all your photos will be directly synced to your Macbook when you are connected to WiFi.

Windows User

  1. Download iCloud Control Panel 
  2. Download iCloud for Windows from the first link.
  3. Log in to your Apple Account.
  4. You are good to go.

All your photos will be directly synced as soon as you connect your computer or laptop to your WiFi.

Transfer Photos using Dropbox

It’s a 2 min task to transfer photos through Dropbox.


  1. Download Dropbox both for your iPhone and Computer.
  2. Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and switch to the Uploads tab.
  3. Click on the “+” icon on the top left corner. Select the photos you want to transfer
  4. Choose a destination to Upload and all your photos will be transferred within a blink of your eye.

Transfer Photos using iTunes.


  1. Download iTunes
  2. Plug in your phone and open iTunes
  3. Find the iPhone icon under menu and click on Photos under the Settings tab.
  4. Check the box to “Sync Photos“.
  5. Choose a folder from the Dropdown menu.
  6. Select the pictures you want to sync.
  7. Click “Apply“.

Transfer photos using iPhone using AnyTrans


  1. Download AnyTrans on your Computer, install and run it.
  2. Next, connect your Device via cable.
  3. Open AnyTrans and click on Device tab on the top “Mobile like icon”.
  4. Select the “Content to PC” on Homepage of AnyTrans.
  5. Select the categories you want to export to your PC. And set up the destination by clicking on “Select” button.
  6. Finally, Click the arrow button on the right to start exporting all your iPhone photos.

Wrap Up

All the above methods are the simplest among so many methods available on the Internet.

You won’t find it difficult to transfer your photos from iPhone to PC anymore.

Happy clicking photos.

Let me know in the comments section how useful did you find Top 5 ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer.

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