How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Online : Easy Steps Explained


Do you any clear idea about How to turn off find my iPhone? If you have just heard about the feature but have not any detailed idea about it then it’s the right time for you to gather the knowledge by reading the entire article once. I can assure you that you will surely find it helpful in future as this is one of the most vital features of the devices which run on iOS. Let’s dive into the topic to put an end to all of your curiosities.

What is Find my iPhone feature?

Being a premium brand in the field gadgets, whether i.e. iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the Apple never forgets to surprise its users with unique features. The ‘Find my iPhone’ feature is also nothing but a specialized feature present only in the devices runs on iOS which lets users track his gadget online.

Is the Find my iPhone feature important?

After going through the above paragraph, you may think that it is just a feature used to track the device online. That’s why switching it on or off will not surely be a crucial task while using the device. Sorry, if you are thinking so then your assumption is completely wrong in this regard. It’s a vital feature of every iOS device upon which the ‘Reset’ feature depends. Being included in the list of the security features, the ‘reset’ feature allows one to erase all the contents present in their device and recover all the factory settings.

When do you need to turn off find my iPhone?

Though this is not like several frequently used features, its importance is quite more than those. You should turn off find my iPhone feature either at the time of selling the device to another person or at the time of the sending the device to the service center. If you do not turn off find my iPhone feature, you will not be able to reset it to the factory setting which may result in the piracy of confidential information stored in the device.

As of now, you have a clear idea about the feature as well as the necessity to turn it off. So, it’s better to elaborate on steps which are required to turn off find my iPhone feature in the following:

How to turn off find my iPhone feature in iPhone: To ensure the optimum security level to the user, this is not an easily accessible feature which can just be altered after unlocking the device. This is directly connected with the unique ID and password of the Apple account. So, both the information is pre-requisite while altering this feature. Let’s check out the process below:

  • As the initial step, the settings menu should be accessed.
    icloud on iphone
  • Now, click on the option named as iCloud.
    icloud option in iphone
  • Here, you will see that the find my iPhone option is in the active position.
    turn off find my iphone
  • As you are going to change the feature to the ‘inactive’ state, just a single click on the find my iPhone feature will forward you to the next step where you will be asked to enter the correct Apple ID and password of the existing Apple account that is present on that device.
    turn off find my iPhone feature
  • Upon entering the right ID as well as the Password, you will be able to turn off find my iPhone feature on that device.

Right now, if you want to restore the entire factory setting by deleting the stored data on that device, you have to follow few more steps:

  • Just as the previous method, explore the settings menu by click on the same.
  • To get into the frequently used settings, click on the ‘General’ which will be present under the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Just scroll downward. You will find the option named as ‘Reset and Erase All Content and Settings’. A single click on that particular option will make you successful in erasing all the store data in the device.

How to turn off find my iPhone feature in iPad : Being another product from the house of the Apple, this gadget also runs by using iOS. For these reasons, the process to turn off find my iPhone feature on this device is similar to the earlier one. So, following the previous steps will make you able to turn off find my iPhone feature on the iPad.

How to use turn off find my iPhone feature in MacBook: Being an iOS-powered device, the user interface of the MacBook is completely different from the other two devices. For this reason, the procedure to do so on these devices will not be as same as the previous one. So following the below-mentioned steps will surely be the right option for you in this regard:

  • As the initial step, exploring the ‘System preference’ option is required. You can do that by finding the desired option under the Apple menu which is present on the top of the user interface. Otherwise accessing the same from the dock will also work to get into the System preference.turn off find my iPhone feature in MacBook
  • Although the user interface varies according to the installed operating system i.e. Mac OS, Mac OSX etc., finding out and clicking on the iCloud menu will surely not be the tough task for you.Find my iphone macbook
  • At this point, your goal will be finding out the option i.e. ‘Find my Mac’. Upon seeing it, you will be able to see a blue tick beside it which indicates its active state.
  • Having the main motto to turn off find my iPhone feature, you have to click on that option to make it inactive.

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Is it possible to turn off find my iPhone feature without having Apple ID and password? The answer is a big NO! If you have not any of the two credentials, you will not be able to turn off find my iPhone feature in any kind of iOS-powered devices.

It’s the entire procedure to turn off find my iPhone on any devices. It’s your time to try it personally. If you encounter any problem, let us know by leaving a comment in the following comment box.

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