This is How You Can Unlock Doors With Your iPhone


Do you own a iPhone? Great, Now you don’t need to worry of you loose your key as you can now unlock doors with your iPhone, Thanks to the upcoming update in iOS. This is going to be one of the best release by Apple as lots of problems are going to get solved because of this.

If reports are to believed, Apple is working on an iOS update that allows iPhone users to unlock doors with just a single tap on their iPhone, isn’t this interesting! We are sure it is.

Apple employees have been testing this feature since 2014 and it is said it will rollout to all users really soon. It is said that Apple employees are testing this feature at it’s headquarters in Cupertino where office building is secured with iPhone compatible lock.

how to unlock doors with iphone

As of now iPhone now has bluetooth available in it’s device and we guess Near Field connection (NFC) will be used to unlock doors with iPhone.

Apple has included NFC in it’s smartphone since the launch of iPhone 6 which was launched wayback in 2014.

NFC can transfer wireless data over short distance and can be used for multiple puropse including sending and receiving videos, photos between two devices and even unlocking the door now.

NFC is considered more secure than Bluetooth.

how to unlock doors with iPhone

Also, Apple restricts the Near Field Connection in it’s iPhone to contactless cards payment (Apple Pay)

This feature of door unlocking at home and even office will attract more new users to Apple iPhone. Even Apple has an eye on feature where users can start cars using their iPhone.

It is not yet clear that unlocking the doors will be secured via facial scan or fingerprint just like the Apple Pay available on all latest iPhone.

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Apple launches new features every year in September, Lets see what new features Apple has for everyone this year.

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