Do you Know What I Stands For in Iphone?


It is a fact that people who own an iPhone, iMac, iPad or an iTouch proudly use the product and hold them dearly because you page a huge amount of money to buy the Apple products and in some case people sell out their kidney to buy the iPhone but Do You Know What I Stands For in iPhone?

What i In Your iPhone Stands For

You might be thinking that the first letter i would be named after a person who introduced this product to the world, you are not absolutely wrong but it has a different story. In 1998 when iMac was launched Steve Jobs first told everyone that I in iMac stands for Internet. That was the time when the internet was just introduced and people had only started exploring the web. The iMac was launched to access the internet faster and with ease.

Steve Jobs once said while giving a presentation An iMac comes from the marriage of the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of Macintosh.

Steve Jobs gave a very comprehensive identity about the I in the iPhone. Jobs said that I also stand for Inspire, Inform, Information and Individual Instruct

So in a very smart way, Apple covered almost all the areas of which could impact the technology, Well we all know that I clearly mean a lot to the people in every part of the world as all the products are outstanding and easy to use.

Always Remember If you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have an iPhone.

To watch the video of Steve Jobs explaining The First iMac Introduction concept better, click here.

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