What will be the impact of GST on iPhones


Confused about the impact of  GST on iPhone? Since the announcement of GST from the Government of India, we all are worried about many things. Things such as whether the price of any goods, commodity or appliance will increase or decrease. And what will be its effect? We know even an iPhone is not omitted from it. The present article on What will be the impact of GST on iPhones is especially for our such subscribers, who are worried in the same regards. So go through the article, and know about the impact of GST on iPhones.

The impact of GST on iPhones – What are they?

As of now, the rates for Goods and Services Tax (GST) are finalized. And we all are now waiting for the implementation of GST in the market. So aren’t you curious about knowing what will be its effect on your iPhone? We will clear your curiosity, right away.

impact of GST on iPhones

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Cost of your iPhone

The Government of India is planning to impose a 15{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} basic customs duty on the import of finished mobile handsets once the Goods and Services Tax (GST) comes into effect. Your iPhone is one of them. So it is obvious that the price of iPhone will rise once the GST comes into effect.

Apart from that, the government is also planning to impose 15{5c108e9245ea9bb1e058d16ad5e68aa94dc0220ba85e01a1e4e284283db4631b} Import duty on the mobile phones imported from foreign countries. The main aim behind it is to protect the mobile manufacturing units in India.


Now, in the solution of this problem. We might see the iPhone Manufacturing Unit in India. Due to which iPhone might get less costly to you. If it comes to India. And why it wouldn’t come? We have a huge market for them in our country. So let’s sit back, and look into the possibilities.

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